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Previous Comments

``I echo the Thanks to John. Although I am usually a "lurker", I do greatly appreciate and admire your work, John!!''

``Again, Cousin John, I thank you for your faithful service to our Clan. May the holidays be a blessing to you and yours. I wish the same to all of our LIST MEMBERS. ''

``At thanksgiving time, We all want to esspecially thank John Quarterman for all the many many hours of his time putting this Sinclair digest in cyber space for us all!!!''

``John, thanks. I know that you do all of this as a hobby. I appreciate the time that you put in to make your site, the e-list, and the links such a "store house" of good information.''

``What a great list this is!''

More previous comments.

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It is a mailing list for the extended Sinclair family. All relatives of the Sinclair family, including those with surnames spelled St. Clair, Sinkler, and other related families and people throughout the world, regardless of their surnames, are invited to participate. There is a copy of this message in the web page

  • ``Never attack the individual. One can be in total disagreement with someone without denigrating him as a consequence.''
    —Pierre Elliot Trudeau, as told by Justin Trudeau

Members of Clan Sinclair U.S.A. are especially invited to participate, as are our cousins in Canada, Scotland, England, Wales, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and other parts of the world. All these organizations and locations are listed in the web pages,

In this list we try to stir up information. This is a discussion list; it will be confusing at times, and it often has many people going in different directions. For refined stories you will do well to also join one or more of the clan organizations so you can get their newsletters. And don't forget the Prince Henry Sinclair Society of North America,

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  • It is best to post a genealogical query to the entire list, because it is impossible to predict who among the many subscribers may know something about your query.
  • When you post your query, tell us all you can about dates or approximate dates of your oldest ancestor, where they lived and who they married. Include county names whenever you can. We hope to be able to search on locality one day and having county names will help to link up people.
  • Keep trying periodically. The person that could help you with your search might not not be able to answer you immediately or they might not yet be a subscriber to the list.
  • Also enter yourself in the web form GuestBook, courtesy Paul Sinclair.
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  • Be careful with copyrighted information.
  • Cite your sources.
  • Speak up! Your historical tidbit may be just as fascinating as anything about a famous historical personage.
Don't be afraid to ask; we're all learning here.


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The list maintainer is John Sinclair Quarterman (jsq). Please note, once again, that what gets discussed in the list is determined by the members of the list. I am not a moderator; I do not decide what gets posted or not. I merely set up and maintain the mechanics of the list. The content of the list is up to you, the subscribers.

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[Clan Sinclair] Messages posted to this list often find their way into the Clan Sinclair web pages, In fact, the great majority of the material in those web pages came from the list. The web page maintainer asks permission before using material in the web pages, with the exception of brief anonymous excerpts for use in the comments about the list and the comments about the web pages.

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More Previous Comments

``I have really been brought into the world of history through this list ..and with appreciation.''

``Of the various dynamics within the "Spirit of the Clan" I most admire the often expressed sense of "synergic unity." That is, individuals are encouraged to be fully expressive/sharing but at the same time within a larger unified code of conduct (list protocol and good manners). Where this is accomplished one might note an effect greater than the sum of its parts.''

`` This list is the only mechanism I know of that best provides a profile of "The Clan" collective psychology, beliefs, manner of self-exploration and communication ... all of which goes beyond just genealogy matters.''

``Briefly, I think this list is a treasure. It's unfailingly interesting, and has held my attention far longer than other "genealogy lists" that I monitor. The basic reason this list is so interesting, I believe, is because of the very interesting community that participates. The occasional off-topic commentary gives us all interesting insights into our fellow posters, and has, (for me at least), greatly enriched my enjoyment of the list.''

``Having just written that critical information is exchanged verbally, out you come with the excellent reference encyclopedia for the web. Wow I look for a delightful evening in exploring all this written information and as always our appreciation to you for being the enabler of the communication of knowledge.''

``And I will tell you that I'm very involved in several email groups (we all have lots of lines after all!), and I have had to learn the art of ignore and delete to deal w/ those who boost their own ego at the expense of others...''

``I wanted to thank you for your generosity in hosting this forum. I have enjoyed the discourse very much, and have found in it a community of thoughtful, interesting, spirited (may I say quirky) folks that I truly treasure. All of them... even those who discuss Ley lines or are foolish enough to disagree with me! ;-)''

``Discussion is good, debate is good, criticism is good, it keeps us all on our proverbial toes.''

``My point is simply that on this list we have many fine perspectives, persons questioning and those of knowledge in varying degrees. We have and will continue to explore and share. Hats off to John for being the enabler of the sharing of knowledge. I continue to learn from everyone of you. May we do so in respect and harmony.''

`` has been a fascinating and rewarding experience to discuss these issues in some depth with a bunch of very intelligent folks who have a very different perspective on events than mine. Thanks!''

``Long live the right to discuss, disagree and provoke alternative views.''

``This list is getting interesting for a number of reasons. I read that many individuals are really coming from the same perspective, although the words they use sometimes can communicate otherwise. I note some things that pop up is long held views are sometimes appearing dogmatic while we are all collectively seeking wisdom and knowledge on this list, and no man can claim a monopoly on this effort. I have been very interested in the Sinclair aspects as it touched history through the ages. Ideas and thought processes is what drove many of the individuals that we reference in this list. Today we are blessed that we can do so from our desk tops around the world. My compliments to all the fine minds on this list.''

``I'd like to add my thanks as well.... well done! and BTW, if anyone thinks that a little "spirited debate" on the list is going to discourage and drive away anyone with a bit of Scotland's blood in their veins, he is well and truly mistaken. As history shows, one "culture value" that we all share is a lack of respect for ignominious retreat. ;-)''

``I have just joined the Discussion List and count it a privilege.''

``Thank you for maintaining this list so that all of us can learn more about each other and our forebears--and for staying "on top of everything" so diligently. Sometimes I expect you think we take your efforts for granted, but such is not the case.''

``It's a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, hence the silence our end too. Well, the reaction to the lack of activity on the list shows how much we appreciate it, and miss it when it's not there! Thanks again, John, and enjoy your break too!''

``We all are from very diverse backgrounds. This is what makes the discussion list so interesting.''

``The potential for good or ill with such a varied list of contributors is enormous. Yet, despite differing backgrounds, age and cultural differences the list unites a wide variety of people from many nations in productive discussion. This very diversity is, of course, the great strength of the list which adds to the family links that unite the founders of the list and the vast majority, but not all, of the contributors. The diversity of backgrounds, humour, open-mindedness and non-prejudicial discussion that dominate the majority of debates are a constant source of delight and information. Long may it last. However,while most of the people may be an easily mis-construed term, it pays me to remember the truth of the old latin tag - quot homines, tot setentiae - there are as many opinions as there are people - long may that continue. Differences lead to debate, debate inspires research and that's healthy.''

``The delight of a list such as this one is that it resembles a good 'buffet lunch' - one can wander through, take interest in what you want or need at the time and, without prejudice, leave the rest to others or for more studied attention later.''

``I believe John has done a super job in setting up the list, and gaining the interest of many people, who have in turn supported what the list was created for.''

``John, Keep up the good work. Once again we do appreciate all the thankless hours you spend administrating this list. Thank-you.''

``Thank you Sinead for your kind words of welcome. And thank you too everyone who has written to me not only through the list but also on a private basis. I am amazed that my simple little story should have produced such a heart-warming response! And I will reply to you all. Being brand new here, I am not sure what the 'etiquette' is, so am operating on the principle that if the mail came through the list - it gets answered through the list and if private - then privately. I hope that is correct.''

``Enjoy the list.''

``It is through this list that I was put in touch that with some very kind and helpful people, particularly in Scotland (and Sweden; hello to Lena!).''

``To all the extended Sinclair family and all the friends on this list I wish you luck, good health, and prosperity for the new year and above all I wish for the continued sharing and caring of the list.''

``I enjoy the diverse opinions of the list members, even when they vary from my own and are so obviously stupid and ill advised. :)''

`` I love the list!!!!!''

``Keep the lists going with your contributions, they represent the fuel for all of our research.''

``No one here forces anyone to join, or do, or think anything... this list actually encourages divergent thinking...some of us live, some of us take long hikes...''

``John Sinclair Quarterman has done an immense service to the Clan. He has brought us together and, because we are being kept at arms length, the exchanges are usually friendly.''

``The main list is a very active international list with a rapidly expanding and quite fascinating web site. You can sign up for the list from the web site. Most of the main contributors to the mailing list have already done their genealogy and are engaged in ferreting out Sinclair activity in medieval Europe, but will usually stop to comment on a genealogical query.''

``I have enjoyed the discussion list. Thanks to those that have made it possible.''

``To Sinclairs around the world, I wish you all 2000 blessings in the coming year. How fortunate we are that we can communicate with one another so easily. Thank you John for making it possible.''

``Finally again I thank you John once again for the development of the enabling technologies. The articulation of myself is no doubt repeated a hundredfold by many others on this list. The "gaps and girps" of technolgy we can get around, even thouch 500 messages come in error. Who cares, the issue cleared in a minute while the sharing is becoming far more important.''

``I wish all my Sinclair cousins a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, with a thank you to John for the List, and the many regular contributors who have added so much to our understanding of our world-wide family and our collective heritage.''

``A special thanks to John for hosting the list and his efforts on behalf of each of us.''

``I have gained so much from the Sinclair list this year. I am far richer with knowledge of our families history and history in general, supplied by many wonderful people, many wonderful Sinclair folk whom I have come to admire. If it wasn't for the list, I wouldn't have been given the [Australia] opportunity to be a part of the team with Milamba and John with the forming of Clan Sinclair Australia.''

``I wish to add thanks to JSQ and Mids [Clan Sinclair] [Australia] for maintaining this discussion forum. It is bringing the clan closer together and making events like the foundation of a Clan Sinclair Australia possible.''

``I can't live without the list! I might miss something.''

``We all think you do a great job and really appreciate this List! I really can't thank you enough for taking the time our of your busy life to do this.''

``Thank all of you again for the joy of reading about our family even the squabbles are better than most! A special thanks to Niven, who I am sure should be designated as a family treasure, for helping me continue to look for the good.''

``Meantime, I love this list — thanks to those responsible for providing it.''

``The Sinclair Discussion group is a wonderful place to exchange and share information and recover lost history and is the premier source of information on Caithness and our Norse roots. I have found it of incredible help in developing an understanding of our roots, and I hope others will too, through the contributions of a very special and well informed group of people. The Sinclair Discussion Group has, therefore, become much more than a place to discuss the genealogy of those fortunate to bear the family name Sinclair, though this remains the core of our identity.''

``Just wanted to say how much I enjoy the postings to this site...Keep up the good work!''

``I love this list it is the most fun I had without taking my nickers off. It seems to have everything.''

``Keep up the good work, we enjoy your efforts.''

``I totally concur with Niven. The gift of John's expertise, time and devotion to our clan unity so many times goes without a hearty thank-you. Also to all the scholarly contributors that make the mail come to life — I appreciate those of you as well. History was my dreaded subject throughout my formal education. Amazing what a change one can make in a lifetime.''

``I wanted to add my appreciation for the thoughtful service that individuals like John bring to our new world. As Rebecca has said so well, we need to share our gratitude to you John for the enabling power of information connecting ideas, thoughts and information from around the globe and to the participants who take their time and energy in responding to the various questions and inquiries which add to our collective understanding and awareness. Thank you John.''

``We do not thank you often enough for your diligence in maintaining this site and giving us websites and information. — but, I'm sure we all go appreciate it. Thank you for giving the site for the Heavener stone and the information. Keep up the good work.''

``Good to know there are "real" experts out there. I truly enjoy and have the utmost respect for this group.''

``The wealth of knowledge on this discussion list never ceases to amaze me.''

``It is with admiration that I read the Sinclair list emails this morning. The insights of many fine minds is always refreshing.''

``I can't help with your research, but yes there is a Castle - there are lots of castles - we Sinclairs were a show- off lot in a time when a castle was a way to say we are here and this is ours. Do enjoy the list and the History. I grew up with one parent saying this is a wonderful and remarkable family and the other (English) saying "a lot of nonsense." I am enjoying learning more about who we were and who we are now. Lot's of terrific people are on this list.''

``I've lurked on this list for about a year and enjoyed, sometimes even laboriously the eloquent and fascinating topics which arose.

I have to thank all of you who've contributed to the presence, success and endurance of the list. I love to read Nevin's, Richards, Toni's, and others thoughtful comments and historical wisdom. Thanks, All. Would love to meet you.''

``I never would have made all these connections with out all the information shared on these lists - thank you!''

``I also want to thank you and all the others who fill this list with so much wonderful knowledge about our family. It seems to me that even if we are on a different twig of the tree the shared history is something that we can all enjoy. I print much of what I read and pass it on to our children in hopes that they will enjoy our roots as much as we were reared to do. Thank all of you!''

``One person's junk is another's treasure trove of gems. It is extraordinarily easy to unsubscribe if your interest is no longer being piqued — see message at just about every corner about how to unsubscribe. If this site no longer fits you can either ask the questions that do interest you or vacate to another site that is more your line but neither action requires you to crap on those who are interested in what has transpired.''

``I really appreciated the fine words and sentiments that you expressed in the following message sent to the list. It is not too far away from the Masonic; 'making good men better'. The other issue you mention is the potential force for good and I thought of how the energies on this list may actually create other positive ripples in this world.''

``It is very clear from the massive genealogical lists which a growing number of your subscribers are preparing that the Sinclairs didn't need Viagra to help them with the on-going worldwide diaspora of Rollo's descendants.''

``Dear Laurel, Thank you for reminding us that we must be careful with all our records, books, etc. It's wise to have copies in other places and pictures, as well. Thank you for all you do for our List and Yours Aye publication.''

``I keep recommending the site to anyone I find looking at Sinclairs! It really is doing a great service for us all!''

``I thoroughly enjoy the Sinclair mailing list. Sometimes when I am busy, I cannot view the mail as often as I prefer. Yesterday I had 85 messages to view. I scan them carefully, if I don't, I may miss wonderful messages such as yours. But then, I watch for your name and several others very carefully.''

``I am still quite a novice re: my genealogy and have really benefited from the Sinclair list...thanks again, John!''

``What I am saying, is that an open mind may perceive some very valuable clues to ones ancestor's origins from the varied topics discussed from time to time in this list!''

``I love this site and I wish my other surnames had a list like this too. I have yet to find one. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the history, time and help you all give to so many.''

``This medium is powerful and can be used for many things - but when it is from the heart - wow! Thank you John and everyone else that posts. It is so exciting to learn and explore our heritage together.''

``Another great thing about this list is that if you don't understand, ASK. There are a number of people here who have a plethora of information and could have what you or I need.''

``And hey, if you're not interested, the great thing about email is that you don't HAVE to read it. I too skim through numbers of emails that I get and just pull what I need. Isn't that the whole point? Take what you need, discard the rest.''

``You will find that some of the most interesting subjects, to you, to be discussed on this list are those that you post yourself. The wonder of the list is that it is not a private conversation - interrupt at anytime with another topic. We can handle more than one subject matter at one time. This list is ours and it is, like many things, what we make of it.''

``It appears that you have unwittingly learned the beauty of this list - post and they will respond!''

``I think sometimes that some people get frustrated on this list because of the gaps between the information some of us possess. History is just as much a part of this list. I appreciate the opportunity of being able to have a chance to take in some of the wonderful research and history provided, although at times it can be a little over me.''

``I do enjoy your contributions to the Sinclair discussion group, as I do the varied information which constantly appears.''

``I would like to thank Niven, John Q., & Laurel for the fantastic History lessons on-line. I have printed out many of your e-mails because they contain so much information I was totally unaware of. You are doing a great service in educating those of us that had lost a connection to our past.''

``Isn't this List great? And those on it who help us find each other!''

``Having recently subscribed to the Discussion Group, I have been reading the host of interesting letters which enter my mailbox daily.''

``dear list, i have not been on the list too long, but i feel i have learned much from all. i have been reticent to put forth any query, since i am so new to genealogy, i didn't even know what questions to ask. well, i just tested the waters recently and what a pleasant surprise. ...she gave me more in one day than i had found since i started my search in feb. it was like struggling up a mountain, and all of a sudden stepping in an escalator, truly my fellow sinclairs are most generous of spirit, and again special thanks to juli.''

``Again- Karen thanks for a great article. Keep up the great work. And John, thanks again for a great site and this chance to "chat" with other Sinclairs.''

``By being on the mailing list, I receive at least several helpful responses each day. I have noticed that your responses have been not only been numerous but helpful. Thanx for your dedication.''

``Out of the many messages we receive each day from the Sinclair site, there may be several each week that end up being significant to me.''

``Great way to get information isn't it.''

``Marshall McLuhan of the University of Toronto Fame and author of the Global Village would be amazed just how effectively you have facilitated making a global village a reality.''

``I want to add my appreciation to Pete's as to the implementation of new technologies to enable a flow of information that would otherwise be unavailable. This information has contributed to the richness of the lives of many of us on this list and has further developed the appreciation of history, families and communication. Well done. Leadership comes in many forms and action and empowering are at the top. John you have my appreciation and hats off to you and to each of the contributors of this list. Happy Anniversary.''

``Congratulations John, on the anniversary of the List.

This Sinclair Zilker List is serving an important ongoing purpose, as evidenced by the many daily interchanges of messages.

My only suggestion is that when persons conduct private conversations, they should provide enough additional information to be inteligible to the rest of us, or they should respond directly with each other using their own addresses.

Again thanks for your management of this Sinclair List.''

[Clan Sinclair]