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About these web pages

The vast majority of the material in these web pages has been sent in by various Sinclairs and others all over the world, many of them through the Sinclair discussion list.

These web pages are now static and will not change. Keep in mind that these were never intended to be the only Sinclair web pages. I recommend contacting the various Sinclair Clan organizations.

See below and New for thanks to many who have already contributed.

For any comments you may have on these web pages, please fill in the form below, which will go only to me, the web page maintainer.
— John S. Quarterman, jsq

Linking, Copying, and Copyright

Feel free to add links into these web pages. I do rearrange things from time to time, but I will attempt to keep old links working. If you tell me where you're putting your links, I'll usually put a link back to your page, as well.

Unlike linking, copying has restrictions. Before copying material from these web pages to other web pages or for publication anywhere, please ask the author of the specific material; this is both a legal copyright requirement and the polite thing to do. The authors are attributed. Other material that is not specifically attributed was written by me; please ask before copying. The only exceptions I am aware of are the anonymous comments pages; if you want to copy one of those, I can forward a query to the author. And of course it's OK to copy brief excerpts for review purposes as fair use, as long as they are attributed, preferably including a link back to where it came from. See also the links about copyright in the genealogy page. —jsq

Previous Comments

``I join all the others in thanking you for your work in promoting "Sinclairism" worldwide.''

``I have tried the flags at the bottom. It is amazing. There are so many Sinclairs in so many different cultures, this addition should be very helpful. A lot of work on your part is done to keep the site attractive and up to date. My hat is off to you in this effort. Also, several search engines pick up topics on the site and the List, making it mas facil en Espana, et plus de facile en la France to find the desired info or photos.''

``John, thanks. I know that you do all of this as a hobby. I appreciate the time that you put in to make your site, the e-list, and the links such a "store house" of good information.''

``I just wanted to write you a personal note to thank you for creating, hosting the Sinclair site. I read it every day and have found it an absolutely enjoyable site and a great resource. I'm overwhelmed by the staggering amount of information you're hosting on this site. So Thanks !''

More previous comments.

Other Places to Look

These web pages are mostly work in progress, not the final word. If you want to see much of the discussion in progress, you should join the discussion list. If you want to see how it comes out in the end, you should join a clan organization.

I am just a scribe, so there are lots of non-web-page questions I can't answer. The first places to look are the FAQ and the glossary.

If you have questions about membership, officers, etc., in specific Sinclair organizations, it's best to check under Groups.

If you have questions about genealogy, it's best to look for resources in the list of genealogy resources. You can join the Sinclair Genealogy List, which is moderated and strictly limited to genealogy.

For any of genealogy, organizations, history, families, people, places, pictures, events, or any other topic related to Sinclairs, your best bet is to join the Sinclair Discussion List and ask the people who are on it.

Posting Pictures
Please don't send massive pictures to the list.
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  • The list software automatically removes attachments anyway, so pictures will not reach list subscribers through the list.
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  • It's easy to get them into a web page.
Here's how to get pictures into web pages: Whenever sending image files to a specific person for posting:
  • Please use a portable format such as JPEG or TIFF.
  • Where possible, send JPEG, because the file will be much smaller than TIFF.

Comment on these web pages?

Remember, I am just a scribe, so for most questions other than those specifically about the web pages themselves your best bet is to join the Sinclair Discussion List and ask the people who are on it. —jsq
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More Previous Comments

``John Quarterman has done an excellent job with this page! John's page is loaded with history, genealogy, numerous photos, links....and on and on! ''

``The main list is a very active international list with a rapidly expanding and quite fascinating web site. You can sign up for the list from the web site. Most of the main contributors to the mailing list have already done their genealogy and are engaged in ferreting out Sinclair activity in medieval Europe, but will usually stop to comment on a genealogical query.''

``Keep up the good work, we enjoy your efforts.''

``Keep up your good work!''

``Keep up the good work on the website John''

``As I read of other Sinclairs on your excellent website, I was impressed with so many common threads between them and us in this generation: Working for the glory of God, Self-teaching, and Pride in who we are and who we were.''

``i think youre web site is verry ggooooo''

``Thank you for encouraging me and others to post our photographs on your web site or on our personal web sites. Based on the number of messages I received regarding them, it appears that the members of Sinclair mailing list greatly appreciate seeing these photographs.''

``Again I would point you to the Sinclair "Discussion" website at [Norway] [Rosslyn Chapel] "" which is a great store of information and history from Norway in the 900s to Rosslyn near Edinburgh in the 14th Century, and Caithness from the 900s.''

``This is a very interesting site. I love the idea of tracing back the history of the Sinclairs. I'm in Canada Scotland Canada and look forward to seeing my Scottish heritage. Thank you for your hard work on this site.''

``Hi, great pages!''

``I just visited your page about [Nova Scotia] [Noss Head Study Centre] "The Cross" and other historical sites in NS, very interesting and nice to see a clan interested in their own history and preserving it for the future. [...] I liked you website very much, keep up the good work!!''

``Thanks for placing my old family picture on your page. This is a great site for any Sinclair looking for info..... good job and good luck in the future.''

``John, This list lurker appreciates your work as well. Also all the interesting historical accounts offered by others.''

``They must have coined the phrase "Johnny on the Spot" after you. Thanks for adding the time zones and really personalizing today's event. People, we are certainly blessed with every conceivable piece of information on our ancestry on our Sinclair websites!! Thanks John!!!''

``I'm just glad to see that there are pages on-line about Sinclairs by Sinclairs for me to explore. Thank you.''

``I was amazed by how much there is on Sinclairs on the web and what a wealth of information is available. The difficulty is having the time to go through it all and noting the important sites to revisit.''

``[Sinclair de la Behottiere's pictures of his farm in Normandy and of St. Clair-sur-Epte] Also, thanks again for all that you do as you continue to add to and improve the web page. I have particularly enjoyed the photos that have been sent out lately and reside on your page.''

``I am deeply impressed by the interest which is being shown in the Sinclair pages. It augurs well for the Clan and Brad's stint as President. We must use the internet to disseminate information and to stimulate a lively interest in family research. We must embrace the young because anything we might achieve in our own lifetimes is as naught unless we can pass on our ideals to the younger generation.''

``This www site has greatly improved recently. I would like to find out more about the Holy Grail and our family being caretakers of it....The why and how and the connections. Is there a curse involved? A very interesting time in our history.''

``What a wonderful site! I had no idea the family history is so extensive.''

``John, What a great job! Thanks for all of your work to make the Sinclair page the very best.''

``Fantastic site (I love the Girnigoe Castle section). We visited in 1991, and we call our house Girnigoe.)''

``Again- Karen thanks for a great article. Keep up the great work. And John, thanks again for a great site and this chance to "chat" with other Sinclairs.''

``Thanks for the amount of time you spend on your site — makes it very special.''

``I am amazed at how the Sinclair website has helped me in my "quest".''

``Thanks for the web site - address for music This is a keen interest of mine any similar sites would be welcomed''

``Again thanks so much. Karen's words are so well written and the research is correct - it looks great! It is a wonderful addition to the site!''

``This is the fifth or sixth "thank you" message I have received since you posted my photos of the Sinclair sites. Since you made it possible, I also want to thank you.''

``First let me say you have done a fantastic job on the Web site.''


``I truly appreciate all of the work that you put into everything - this is just about the most useful tool I have to work with...''

``The site is marvelous and most impressive. I am delighted to have found it. My mother's maiden name was Sinclair and I plan to make the "pilgrimage" to Scotland this summer. My brother and my son have already done so and found it fascinating. I can't wait to tell them about the website!''

``Great work on the page! I just linked the Clan Sinclair page to my homepage. Two suggestions, I think that there might be an error with Brad's message...I think that the hyperlink is malformed?? Secondly, it might be useful for those who wish to subscribe to the list, to have the instructions more prominently displayed on the first page...or the hyperlink noted clearer. If I didn't know that the "list" was available, I might not have found it....and I really like the list.''

``Your site is great.''

``It has been a pleasure to read all this informaiton on my family name. My dad did not say much about his family, but it was great to finally get from New Hampshire to Canada to my first Sinclair coming from Scotland. This next part is going to be hard, but at least you web pages gave me some clues Thank you''


``When visiting the revised website (which I really like) [...]
Keep up the good work on behalf of all us Sinclairs. It is greatly appreciated.''

``I have been getting quite a bit of correspondance as a result of this link and am very grateful for that and the contacts which have been made as a result.''

``Found you using AltaVista. Prompted to start surfing because of a local TV news item about the commemoration of PH's landing in Nova Scotia. I hadn't realised there was so much interest in the clan. Across here in lowland Scotland, interest in Clan matters is virtually zero! Very interesting site. Stimulated interest in my roots''

``I have to say that I find it very sad that you include the Gardner book and the other Grail-book. I am aware that they enjoy enormous popularity, but they really are nothing but trash--in particular the former which is so full of myths, outright lies and fabrications that I find it beyond comprehension how the publisher could decide to publish it. It really belongs nowhere with any serious work.
But otherwise: A great site.''

``Thanks so much for all the work on the Sinclair pages - it looks great.''

``I have been having a look at the excellent Clan Sinclair web pages created by yourself.''

``I thought that this page was quite interesting.''

``I think these pages are fascinating''

``Hello John..Just want to tell how wonderful the Sinclair/St.clair page is.''

``Now that I'm semi-retired from active duty with the Clan Tent scene, and have recently discovered The Net, I'm chagrined that we didn't have a source like this at least 10 years ago. Your web spinners have done an excellent job and of course it will get better with time and contributions from constantly growing resources. I will visit often, and thank you.''

``Thanks for your note. You might guess that I am not the computer expert in our branch of the family. So it is to you that I should convey my congratulations for such a lovely site. It made me proud.''


From: "John S. Quarterman" <>
Subject: web mentions in Yours Aye
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 20:17:30 -0500


In the latest Yours Aye, I noticed some acknowledgements of work on Sinclair web pages. I would also like to commend these people for their Sinclair web material:

Paul Sinclair, for his longstanding history and genealogy pages, and for the guestbook and mailing list archive search pages.

Gary M. Sinclair, for his Grafton, Mass. pages, his picture of the Chief, for alerting us to the existence of the Sauniere Society, and for many FAQ items.

Rosslyn Chapel Trust, for the web pages about the Chapel at the heart of the Sinclair mythos.

Laurel, for the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), and numerous suggestions about organization of the web pages, plus her work on the glossary.

P. Sinclair, for illustrations of needed improvement in the web pages about the discussion list.

Gary D. Sinclair, for information about two big California Highland Games, and for many FAQ items.

Jean Grigsby, for her genealogical web pages.

Bob Branshaw, for finding the link to Michigan in the Civil War.

Robert Cooper, for the addresses of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Robert Lower, for much bibliographical information and many FAQ items.

Ken W. Sinclair, for his pages about places named Sinclair around Canada and the world.

Richard Huseth, for his Images of Scotland.

Ian Sinclair of Noss Head Lighthouse in Caithness, for his writeup about the Sinclair Lineage, and for teaching us what a bothy is.

Jean Haddow, for keeping us honest about Scotland from a Scot's perspective.

Mattie, for her dap'ifer.

Ed Brumby, for pointing out some interesting books to locate.

Michelle Dragstedt, for her old Georgia Sinclair pictures.

Patrick Quarterman, for converting formats on Michelle's pictures.

Cameron Sinclair, for his old Sinclair picture.

Michelle Brown, for her pictures of castles Girnigoe and Sinclair.

Gretchen Phillips, for her pictures of Rosslyn Chapel, of castles Girnigoe and Sinclair, and of Old St. Peter's Church in Thurso.

Thurso High School, for its maps and satellite images of Caithness.

Joe Greigg, for the link to the Scottish music pages, and the links to dictionaries.

Darwin Ramsey, for the link to the Catholic Encyclopedia Online.

Bob Stevens, for his pictures and text about Major General Arthur St. Clair.

Kristin Hussein, for the many web links she found about Rollo the Viking.

Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard, Ph.D., for his comments about Ganger-Rolf.

David Sinclair Bouschor, for various sage comments.

Jutul Films, for the web page of the chronology of Prince Henry Sinclair.

Rob Cohn, (and Bill Sinclair and Kathleen Kidd) for the picture Malcolm, Earl of Caithness viewing the Monument in Guysborough, NS.

Philip Sinclair Keat (Pakala) for his pages about Hawaii Sinclairs.

Mike St. Clair for his Missouri Sinclair pages and an image of the Sinclair badge.

Mel Sinclair, for his Union County, South Carolina web pages.

Anne of Blue Poppy, for another Sinclair badge image.

Rick Sinclair, for his Sinclair web pages.

David Sinclair of Clan Sinclair Society in Scotland for their addresses.

Brad Barker, President of Clan Sinclair Association, Inc. (U.S.A.) for his periodic greetings.

Mary Selver, for the Clan Sinclair U.S.A. commissioner list and membership application and renewal forms.

David L. Quarterman, for filling in mamny of he gaps in the U.S.A. pages.

Rory Sinclair of Clan Sinclair Association Canada for their addresses.

Dawn Sinclair Hemeon of Clan Sinclair Society Nova Scotia for information about their 600th Celebration events.

Neil St. Clair of Prince Henry Sinclair Society of Nova Scotia for information about it.

John Olin of Clann Gunn for long-term cooperation.

And of course the late Pete Cummings for his 600th Celebration News, for his article about tracing your ancestors, and for many bibliographic citations.

No doubt there are others whom I have neglected to name.

Keep in mind that the web pages at were never intended to be the only Sinclair web pages. They are more of an overview that should over time increasingly use links into other pages elsewhere. Send in URLs for your own web pages; I will add links to them. The more the merrier. The beauty of the web is that many hands can make light work that can be woven together.

In addition, the web pages I started about specific organizations are placeholders. I look forward to the corresponding organizations developing their own web pages, when I will link to them. I congratulate Richard Huseth and Clan Sinclair Association, Inc. U.S.A. for being among the first to fly the nest.


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