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Sinclair Discussion List Digest

A Digest subscriber gets one message a day, consisting of a digest of the list messages for that day. Since the Sinclair Discussion List can be quite verbose, many people prefer to subscribe to the Digest instead. Digest subscribers can post to the list just as direct List subscribers can.

The Subscriber hereby agrees and acknowledges that this Sinclair Discussion List is provided on a voluntary basis, without obligation or compensation of any kind. The Subscriber further agrees and acknowledges by applying to subscribe to, by subscribing to, or by accessing the Sinclair Discussion List that the subscription, and all access to The Sinclair Discussion List is a privilege, and is subject to the prior approval of, and acceptance of The Subscriber by The Sinclair Discussion List Provider. All Subscribers shall fully identify themselves before their application to join or communicate on The Sinclair Discussion List will be considered.

The Sinclair Discussion List Provider as used herein shall mean any or all of the following; the individuals, companies, or their employees that provide time, technical facilities, or other resources, and any sponsors and individuals that assist directly or indirectly in maintaining the Sinclair Discussion List including without limitation of any of the forgoing; John Sinclair Quarterman, Quarterman Creations, Matrix.Net, Inc., and those individuals contributing to the provision of this Sinclair Discussion List.

The Subscriber may, without notice or reason of any kind, be refused access to the list, at any time or times. The Subscriber further agrees that the Sinclair Discussion List Provider assumes no responsibility of any kind for the communications on The Sinclair List including without limitation, the opinions, views, comments or information on the list, or of the use to which any communication may be put. All such communications and information contained on The Sinclair Discussion List are those of the Subscribers alone, and shall not directly or indirectly, be construed as those of, or attributed to The Sinclair Discussion List Provider.

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Please read the list introduction first. Then you may use the web form below to subscribe to the digest.

Please note that after you successfully use the web form, your subscription still must be approved.

Once your subscription has been approved, you may post to the list, and you will receive daily a digest of the messages to the list each day.

When you subscribe, please also post a message to the list describing your relation to Sinclair or a related family.

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