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Re: the king and the pauper


The carving that I mused about may be found at John S. Quarterman's
excellent Sinclair Website, under Rosslyn Chapel, under "King of Terrors",
written by Niven Sinclair, who I did acknowledge as the rescuer of said
relief.I hope to see it one day myself.

Also, the author of the The Royal We is interviewed online, www.theatlantic
, however, he mostly talks about the Human Genome Project here.

The sources for his article in the printed Atlantic Monthly seem to me to
have reliable credentials: Mark Humphrys - computer scientist, Dublin City
U. ( has a web page - Royal Descents of Famous People ), Joseph Chang  -
statitician, Yale University.
The authors of articles featured in Atlantic seem to respond directly to
letters of criticism of their work, if one cares to take a jab. Myself am
just a simple messanger about an article I thought may be of interest to
subscribers on this list.

Which leads me to...No one has yet mentioned that they had seen it. ( My
original question ) Let me recommend this article once again. "The Royal
We" - Steve Olson, Atlantic Monthly, May 2002.


Jan Ek
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