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What we don't need to know for success, we need to know for our fulfilment.
Knowing how, where and why things are as they are the foundations of
enjoyment. Knowledge is the source of educated pleasures.

Genealogy and sex seem almost to be the backbone of the Internet. Suppose
that you would not have one without the other. History, good and bad appear
to be entwined with the two. We all had two parents, four grandparents,
eight great grandparents and so forth.

Many of this list participants do have the name Sinclair either at birth or
marriage. Many are simply interested in other aspects that Sinclairs have
had a part in. Many of us who carry the name Sinclair obtain the name from
either their purported father or by marriage.

If we go back on our family trees there are many various names hanging from
the branches and twigs. In my own family, in addition to my fathers Sinclair
the tree is peppered with Hogg, Jaquet, Urquhart, Normand, Gaspar, Wilson,
Rae and O'Hara to name only a few.

Curiosity and a complete lack of any knowledge of the nuances of genealogy
drives me to ask when do we stop being related by the time we are third
cousins or never?
The Jewish people run their bloodlines by mother. Horses and European
descendants are much more interested in fathers. Salic law, rule of
succession in certain royal and noble families of Europe, forbidding females
and those descended in the female line to succeed to the titles or offices
in the family. In was a misnamed rule from the Germanic Lex Salica code. The
code forbade female succession to property but was not concerned with titles
or offices. Salic law was enforced by the House of Valois and after it the
House of Bourbon in France.  Spain under Philip V Salic Law was rescinded in
favour of Isabella II, the Carlists rose in revolt on the grounds of the
Salic law's demise.  The Guelphs followed the Salic law, the union of Great
Britain and Hanover begun when the elector of Hanover as George I became
King.  Salic Law was discontinued to allow Victoria to become the British
Queen. because of the Salic law of succession not being waived Hanover the
electorate was separated in1837 from the British crown.  Hanover was then
annexed by Prussia in 1866. George V, king of Hanover was deposed.

There are some excellent genealogists on this list could one please
enlighten me?


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