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Re: Genealogy

Dear Jan Ek

Is the article referring to Abdul-Kasim Muhammad be Abbad Al-Mu'tamid, Emir
of Seville born:  1040 in Aghmat, Morocco died: 1095 in Seville, Spain? His
daughter became the Concubine of Alfonso VI Fernandez, King of Castile and
Leon. Her name was Zaida they had only one child Teresa of Castile who was
born:  circa 1070 in Castile, Spain died: 1 November 1130.  Teresa married
Henri de Bourgogne, Count of Portugal.  They had one child Alfonso I "the
Conqueror", King of Portugal. Is this the mysterious Spanish/Arab woman?

Charlemagne and now Muhammad, Charles the Simple, Henry the Fowler, Alfred
the Great. Kings Princes, Emirs and Prophets, can we now have a fly-by of
the Red Arrows? Aren't we wadding a little deeply in Europe's seminal fluid?
It is hard to believe that any but royal families could be so certain. Even
then a man is only sure of his mother.
Charting a family is difficult genealogical problem.  It must take not only
work but also a real belief in fidelity.  Perhaps this is like the
Zeno/Columbus connection.  You know you are in problems if you move from
London to New York and have the same milkman.


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