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Re: Genealogy

First time post, so I'd like to thank all the contributors for the wonderful
input I have read over the last several months.

Has anybody seen the May 2002 issue of Atlantic Monthly magazine, essay
entitled 'The Royal We' by Steve Olsen?
It says everybody alive in Europe today can find a common ancestor as recent
as 600 years ago, everyone alive in North America can claim descent from
Charlemagne...Allow me one quote if you please..."You can ask whether
everyone in the Western world is descended from Charlemagne, and the answer
is yes...But can you prove it? That's the game of geneology." - Mark
Humphrys, Dublin City University

If that fails to rouse a response consider that the same report also states
a common ancestor of all Europeans as Muhummad, via the daughter of the Emir
of Seville, who became Catholic around 1200 AD. The article does admit that
the formulas used to deduct these relations are mathematical assumptions,
based on Poisson distrubutions and Markov chains. I wonder what my new
esteemed historians, geneologists, and mathematicians, may have to add to
these claims.


Jan Ek
Montréal, Québec

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> I don't think we ever stop being related, as we all have common ancestors.
> I believe that all my ancestors made me (even step-great grandparents),
> if one event did not take place, I would not be here.

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