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Re: Genealogy

I'm confused

I keep hearing that everyone and his dog seems to be descended from
Charlemagne.My knowledge of European history is limited so I won't pretend
to know the answers, so here are some questions. If Charlemagne died in
814 and he had three sons and at that time in Europe there were according to
N J G Pounds an estimated 26 million people in all of Europe in the 800's,
so my guess is maybe 10 or 12 million other rutting men around, all doing
their number. How did Charlemagne become known as the main ancestor from
which Europeans come from?  I find it hard to
believe that he had,
1. The time
2. The strength and
3. The nerves to cope with all the wonna-be mothers!

I would very much appreciate the reasoning and thoughts to why so many claim
such connections.

Medieval Population Reference
An Historical Geography of Europe 450 BC - AD 1330
New York Cambridge university press 1973 N J G Pounds

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> First time post, so I'd like to thank all the contributors for the
> input I have read over the last several months.
> Has anybody seen the May 2002 issue of Atlantic Monthly magazine, essay

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