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Re: Genealogy

Pooh-bah in The Mikado says in Act 1 "I can trace my ancestry back to a
protoplasmal primordial atomic globule, consequently, my family pride is
something in-conceivable. I can't help it. I was born sneering".

Charlemagne died 814  millions claim they are descended from him.The
descendants of Medieval
European people can be of any Race or Colour. The Aga Khan is a descendant
of The Mohammed, he also can trace his descent from the Stuart Kings, kings
of Scotland, the most ancient kingdom in Christendom. by the time we get to
our 32 great, great ,great grandparents and all their decandants
relationships must be no longer family ones?

The clan system took into account the relationships within distant blood and
broken men The site http://www.urquhart.org/ which I was kindly directed to
by one our list members,  Glen A. Cook of Utah;  the Bard of  Clan Urquhart,
Robert Jeffery Urquhart, a resident of Massachusetts  states  "For more than
a thousand years it has been the task of the Seannachaidh (tribal historian,
bard and poet) to do many things to augment the cohesiveness of the clan and

As the Seannachaidh In today's world, with the clan spread all over the
globe, the role of the clansman and also of the chief, and his Bard, has
undergone considerable and significant change. We no longer have any sense
of belonging to much more than our immediate family, and this has resulted
in the chaos and breakdown that we are experiencing in modern
society....Despite our vast geographic separation we owe it to ourselves,
and to our children, and to their children, any effort that we can take to
preserve our noble heritage. And even if you have no children you owe it to
your ancestors to see to it that your story, your history is recorded and
preserved. It must start with the preservation of one's immediate history,
for this is what is nearest and dearest to all of us. And as we strive to
preserve our own stories and photos and poetry, we contribute to the
preservation of our clan history as well."

What a difficult, if almost impossible job that of Genealogy must be.
History must be studied carefully if we take it for a base. Take this
example Patrimoine Normand lists Wadard, un vassal de l'évêque de Bayeux (a
vassal of the Bishop of Bayeux) as a commander of William's at Hastings.  He
is listed on the Battle Abby rolls.  On some sites he is mis-identified as
Waldern and an association is made with St Clair.


ref The Mikado (1885) words by W. S. Gilbert
Patrimoine Normand no 42

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