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>From understanding (which may be faulty) we are cousins when we begin a
one common ancestor - Sir William, the last Earl - and proceed thru one
of his progeny, and his one progeny. By the time 3 or more generations
have passed, the blood as become a bit thinner. By 5 generations, all
but disappeared as far as family features, traits in general and
habits.  In horse language - a good sire stamps his get. So one sire -
again Sir William - how long would his lineaments be given to the
following generations - would they be strongest in one child as against
another?  Would it be possible that the strongest physical tie would be
a natural child?  That child growing up, probably away from its father
would inherit the habits, coloration, height, build so that upon
mataurity someone could look at the now adult - and say that he/she
looks just like "Sir William"?
A thought for today. Sally

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