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Re: The Royal We

>Dear Adrian:
>There are quite a few Sinclair castles but the only one that carries the
>name "Sinclair Castle" is near Wick in Caithness.  It was, for it's time
>(16th C.) , the modern addition to the older Girngoe Castle, the seat of the
>Earls of Caithness.
>FYI: other Sinclair Castles:
>Rosslyn Castle, Dunbeath (still very habitable), Ravenscraig in Fife ( a
>ruin) Thurso Castle, and several others.

Here is a picture of Thurso Castle:

Here are some pictures of Ravenscraig Castle:

Pictures of some of the others (Roslin, Girnigoe, Sinclair)
may be found via:

But, even better, the clan Chief and Clan Sinclair Trust are organizing
preservation and restoration of several of the castles, and have web pages
about them, including plans, current pictures, historical pictures, etc.:


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