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Re: Genealogy

Tim wrote:Is there no 'Odo the Odiferous' or 'Enis the Inept' figuring among
the clan genealogies?
These are some less-than-flattering nicknames:
There was a  James "the Gross" Douglas , due to his large girth.
There were also the Scots Kings Lulach the Fool and Malcolm the Maiden, not
to forget the unfortunate "Toom Tabard", John Balliol
The English had the unlucky Aethelred the Unready.
The French could counter with Charles the Fat and Charles the Bald.
Flanders had Baldwin the Bald.
The best seem to be the Norse, with Olaf the Fat, Halfdan the Stingy,
Eystein the Noisy, and my favorite, Eystein the Fart.
Take care, Kevin

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