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Re: Genealogy

Thank you Ward Ginn,

I like your theory on Charlemagne and his descendents. I think as you say

 "He probably had no more descendants than most men and women of his time,
but because the births, marriages and deaths of his descendants were
recorded down to the present, Charlemagne's descendants, in the millions,
can today be identified.  For the common man of his time,
 however, the lines of descent were not recorded and are thus lost to us

Seems to me to be the more logical reason for his popularity in Genealogy

But dear Ward, I don't know about this statement below that you made

" but it is not because Charlemagne was different from any other man of his
time in sexual prowess or whatever."

Clearly if this is the case, then that is enough proof to show definitively
that Charlemagne has no family connection with the SINCLAIR family at all!
Because every Sinclair will tell you that we are sexually magnificent. :-)
above all others!

Then there is another thought on all this.  Imagine if all the common men of
his time did have their entire genealogy line in complete immaculate order
just like those
of Charlemagne.
Do you think I would really tell you that I can trace my family back to "Big
Jack" better known as Jack the drunk, who died in his very own bed of pee at
the age of 93. I think not. I wonna
be from the blood of Vikings
I prefer to think of a crown upon my families head, not to have them drown


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> Annie asked,  "How did Charlemagne become known as the main ancestor
> from which Europeans come from?
> It  is true that there are thousands of people alive today that claim
> decadency from  this Carolingian king, but it is not because

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