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Re: Genealogy

Annie: You're absolutely correct about our 'magnificence'.

I'm a writer and student of ancient history (classics and ancient world) - 
writing historical fiction. I will want to write about Sir William Sinclair 
who was reportedly "...killed by the Saracens in 1330, while journeying 
through Spain to Palestine with Sir James Douglas, the bearer of the heart 
of Bruce."

Any sources or tales will be most appreciated.

Thanks, John Sinclair of Pennsylvania.

At 09:21 PM 5/13/02 -0700, ann l sinclair wrote:
>Thank you Ward Ginn,
>I like your theory on Charlemagne and his descendents. I think as you say
>  "He probably had no more descendants than most men and women of his time,
>but because the births, marriages and deaths of his descendants were
>recorded down to the present, Charlemagne's descendants, in the millions,
>can today be identified.  For the common man of his time,
>  however, the lines of descent were not recorded and are thus lost to us
>Seems to me to be the more logical reason for his popularity in Genealogy

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