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Read your To: line, please

To repost something that's in the introduction to the list:

Look at your To: header!

   When a list member sends a message to the list, it goes to the list.
   There is no manual intervention. When it goes, it goes. Everybody gets
   it. There is no going back. It's gone. Don't ask me to stop a message
   for you. There is nothing I or anyone else can do about it, no more
   than we can make the sun rise in the west.

   Think before you post. Consider who you intend your message for.

     =>> Look at your To: header <<=

   to see who it will go to. If it says
To: sinclair@quarterman.org

   it will go to the list!

   You wouldn't throw a paper letter in the mail without looking at the
   address on it, would you? Take the same care with your electronic

And here, once again, is the introduction to the list:

Sinclair Discussion List

   Welcome to the list!

   This is the information you receive upon subscribing to the electronic
   mailing list

   It is a mailing list for the extended Sinclair family. All relatives
   of the Sinclair family, including those with surnames spelled St.
   Clair, Sinkler, and other related families and people throughout the
   world, regardless of their surnames, are invited to participate. There
   is a copy of this message in the web page


     ``Never attack the individual. One can be in total disagreement
     with someone without denigrating him as a consequence.''
     --Pierre Elliot Trudeau, [2]as told by Justin Trudeau

   Members of [3]Clan Sinclair U.S.A. are especially invited to
   participate, as are our cousins in [4]Canada, [5]Scotland, [6]England,
   Wales, [7]Sweden, [8]Australia, [9]New Zealand, South Africa, and
   other parts of the world. All these organizations and locations are
   listed in the [10]web pages, sinclair.quarterman.org/.

   In this list we try to stir up information. This is a discussion list;
   it will be confusing at times, and it often has many people going in
   different directions. For refined stories you will do well to also
   join one or more of the clan organizations so you can get their
   newsletters. And don't forget the Prince Henry Sinclair Society of
   North America, [11]sinclair.quarterman.org/phssna.html.

  How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe

   Before you can send a message to the list, you must subscribe to the

     The Subscriber hereby agrees and acknowledges that this Sinclair
     Discussion List is provided on a voluntary basis, without
     obligation or compensation of any kind. The Subscriber further
     agrees and acknowledges by applying to subscribe to, by subscribing
     to, or by accessing the Sinclair Discussion List that the
     subscription, and all access to The Sinclair Discussion List is a
     privilege, and is subject to the prior approval of, and acceptance
     of The Subscriber by The Sinclair Discussion List Provider. All
     Subscribers shall fully identify themselves before their
     application to join or communicate on The Sinclair Discussion List
     will be considered. 

     The Sinclair Discussion List Provider as used herein shall mean any
     or all of the following; the individuals, companies, or their
     employees that provide time, technical facilities, or other
     resources, and any sponsors and individuals that assist directly or
     indirectly in maintaining the Sinclair Discussion List including
     without limitation of any of the forgoing; John Sinclair
     Quarterman, Matrix.Net, Inc., and those individuals contributing to
     the provision of this Sinclair Discussion List.

     The Subscriber may, without notice or reason of any kind, be
     refused access to the list, at any time or times. The Subscriber
     further agrees that the Sinclair Discussion List Provider assumes
     no responsibility of any kind for the communications on The
     Sinclair List including without limitation, the opinions, views,
     comments or information on the list, or of the use to which any
     communication may be put. All such communications and information
     contained on The Sinclair Discussion List are those of the
     Subscribers alone, and shall not directly or indirectly, be
     construed as those of, or attributed to The Sinclair Discussion
     List Provider.

The List

   To subscribe or to unsubscribe, use the web page

   Please note that after you successfully use the web form, it may still
   take a few hours for the subscription to take effect. This is because,
   in order [13]to keep spam off the list, each new member has to be
   manually approved by the list owner. Such approval is usually done as
   soon as the list owner reads the request, but please remember that the
   list owner is an unpaid volunteer just like you, and possibly also
   your relative. Have patience.

   Once you are on the list, you will receive a copy of each message that
   is posted to the list.

The Digest

   Alternatively, you can subscribe to the digest form of the list, by
   using the web page [14]sinclair.quarterman.org/digest.html Then you
   will receive only one message a day, containing copies of all the list
   correspondence from the previous day.

    Change of Address

   To change your subscription address, simply unsubscribe from the old
   address and subscribe again using the new address.

How to Post

   To post a message to the list, send an electronic mail message to
   sinclair@quarterman.org, or use the web form

   When you subscribe, please also post a message to
   sinclair@quarterman.org describing your relation (if any) to one of
   these families. You don't have to be a relative to subscribe, and for
   that matter probably most of the subscribers have not completely
   identified exactly how we are all connected.

   Remember, this is not a moderated list. There is no moderator. There
   is no publisher. No one decides what to publish. Postings are

   That's the power of the list. Post and hundreds of people get your

   As a subscriber said: ``It appears that you have unwittingly learned
   the beauty of this list -- post and they will respond!''

Look at your To: header!

   When a list member sends a message to the list, it goes to the list.
   There is no manual intervention. When it goes, it goes. Everybody gets
   it. There is no going back. It's gone. Don't ask me to stop a message
   for you. There is nothing I or anyone else can do about it, no more
   than we can make the sun rise in the west.

   Think before you post. Consider who you intend your message for.

     =>> Look at your To: header <<=

   to see who it will go to. If it says
To: sinclair@quarterman.org

   it will go to the list!

   You wouldn't throw a paper letter in the mail without looking at the
   address on it, would you? Take the same care with your electronic

How the List Works

   Whenever anyone sends a message to the list, sinclair@quarterman.org,
   each subscriber receives a copy of that message. Any subscriber can
   respond to that message, by sending another message to
   sinclair@quarterman.org. This way list subscribers can discuss topics
   of interest to the list.

   The only exceptions are messages that have some sort of error in them,
   such as a posting address that is not the one that the poster used to
   join the list, that causes them to bounce.

   In general, once you send it to the list, it goes to the list.
   Computers do all the work. Nobody intervenes. It's gone. It can't be
   stopped. It can't be taken back.

Topics to Post to this List

   The topics that are of interest to the list are determined by the
   discussion in the list. Possible topics may include, but are not
   limited to:
     * Sinclair family [16]history,
     * Sinclair [17]genealogy,
     * Sinclair [18]organizations,
     * Sinclair [19]families.
     * Notable Sinclair [20]people.
     * Related [21]publications.
     * [22]Events that Sinclairs are likely to attend, such as
       [23]Highland Games,
     * The [24]600th anniversary celebration of [25]Prince Henry
       Sinclair's voyage,
     * Places Sinclairs came from, such as [26]Roslin, [27]Caithness,
       [28]Orkney, [29]Shetland, [30]Argyll, [31]England, [32]Normandy,
       or [33]Norway.
     * Information about [34]religion can be helpful in determining where
       or when to search for an ancestor.

   I would like to encourage list subscribers to copy (Cc:
   sinclair@quarterman.org) answers to such questions to the list, rather
   than responding only to the person who asked the question. That way,
   other interested parties on the list may find additional information.

Topics Not to Post to this List

   Certain topics are forbidden on this list.
     * Do not send virus reports to this list ([35]see below).
     * Do not send chain letters to this list.
     * Do not post lengthy excerpts (more than 50 words) from copyrighted
       material that is less than 50 years old.
     * Do not use this list to try to convert someone to your religion.
     * Discussion concerning the immediate ancestors of living people is
       not welcomed if it would discomfit the living.
     * Subscribers use this list to discuss both genealogy and history;
       arguments about which should predominate are fruitless.


   Superfluous attachments have in the past caused more people to leave
   the list than any other thing. Therefore the list software now strips
   attachments automatically before postings reach the list.
     * Plain text is passed through unchanged, except:
     * Excessively long quotations are truncated; such truncations are
       marked each time with [ Excess quotations omitted. ]
     * HTML is removed.
     * [36]Pictures and other graphics (icons, paintings, drawings,
       genealogical charts, etc.) are removed.
     * Executables are removed. This prevents [37]viruses from being
       distributed through the list.
     * However, the list software cannot protect you from viruses that
       are not sent through the list. See [38]Viruses.

   See also the web pages Margaret has prepared about [39]plain text
   electronic mail, sinclair.quarterman.org/mail/.


   As you can see above, it is not possible to send pictures directly
   through the list.
     * If you want to send pictures or other graphics (genealogical
       charts, icons, paintings, etc.) for all on the list to see, it is
       often better to send them to the [40]maintainer of the web pages
       rather than posting them to the list.
     * Even better, post your pictures in your own web pages and post the
       URL (web address) to the list.
     * Or join the [41]Sinclair Genealogy List,
       sinclair-roots@yahoogroups.com, and upload your chart to the
       shared files section for all members to see.


   The list is archived, and the archives are [42]available online. The
   archives are searchable via
   [43]kingcrest.com/Sinclair/dList_Search.cfm, courtesy [44]Paul
   Sinclair. The archives are also available to list members through
   Majordomo; for how, send mail to majordomo@quarterman.org with the
   word "help" in the body (not subject) of the message.


   Paul has also set up a [45]GuestBook,
   kingcrest.com/Sinclair/Guestbook.cfm, and he has arranged that entries
   in the guestbook are forwarded automatically to the list. He has even
   arranged for replies to guestbook entries on the list to be
   automatically forwarded to the person who made the original entry.

List Etiquette

   There are numerous online compilations of etiquette guidelines, such
   as for example:
   Here is a compilation of etiquette guidelines that takes into account
   various topics that have come up on this list.


   The list is what you, the list subscribers, make of it, and in order
   for you to make anything of it we must all get along.
     * Be civil to members of this list.
     * Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by
       ignorance or unfamiliarity with the customs of the clan or of the
       list or by bugs in electronic mail programs.
     * Never assume a posting is a personal attack on you or slight
       against you unless you're directly named the affront is specific
       and unambiguous; and even then sleep on it first.
     * Just because a mail message is brief that doesn't mean the writer
       is being curt or insulting. Electronic mail has its own style,
       which is not the same as face-to-face talking, the telephone, or
       paper mail; brevity is the soul of clarity in electronic mail. Not
       to mention that people often write electronic mail in haste, or
       with two fingers.
     * Remember that everyone's opinion is valid as an opinion, even if
       you disagree with it, think it's stupid, and have facts at your
       disposal that can demolish it. If you disagree about what you are
       reading please do it in a polite manner.
     * Private mail and mail sent to a public list are two different
       things. Forwarding private mail to a public list without
       permission from the original sender is very impolite and is not
       permitted on this list.
     * Ad hominem attacks (personal attacks) are not permitted on this
     * Threats of bodily harm even off the list are not permitted by list
       members against list members even off the list, and if evidence is
       presented to the list owner of same, the person who sent them will
       be removed from the list.
     * Everyone makes spelling mistakes from time to time; there's
       usually no need to remark on them in the list.

Spelling, Quoting, HTML, and CAPS

     * If you use a spell checker on your postings, you won't risk
       spelling flames.
     * Use the Subject: line to really tell what your message is about,
       don't just use the previous subject line that might not be
       applicable now.
     * Quoting enough of a previous message for context is good.
     * Quoting all of one or more previous messages is usually not good,
       because it requires the readers to wade through old material
       again. Trim quotations and old headers. Preserve only what is
       needed for context for your new information.
     * When it comes to mailing lists, HTML can cause a lot of problems.
       Not everyone has the newest software; not all email programs can
       read HTML; and the HTML sent by many mail programs is not very
       good anyway. So, if you're on a mailing list, it helps to make
       sure that your email is going out in a fashion that everyone can
       read, and that means [47]plain text electronic mail,
     * Please DO NOT SEND MESSAGES IN ALL CAPS; people will think you're
     * Similarly, don't end every question in multiple question marks???
       It makes you look like an idiot??? And don't end every sentence in
       multiple exclamation marks!!! It makes you look like a shouting
       idiot!!! You may think it's cute and expressive, but it will cause
       many people to ignore you entirely.

Etiquette for posting genealogical information to this list

     * Do some background reading on the web pages, especially the ones
       on [48]genealogy, which include links to many related web servers
       and pages.
     * Join a [49]clan organization so you will get a clan newsletter.
     * It is best to post a genealogical query to the entire list,
       because it is impossible to predict who among the many subscribers
       may know something about your query.
     * When you post your query, tell us all you can about dates or
       approximate dates of your oldest ancestor, where they lived and
       who they married. Include county names whenever you can. We hope
       to be able to search on locality one day and having county names
       will help to link up people.
     * Keep trying periodically. The person that could help you with your
       search might not not be able to answer you immediately or they
       might not yet be a subscriber to the list.
     * Also enter yourself in the web form [50]GuestBook, courtesy
       [51]Paul Sinclair.
     * Please don't just listen in and not let us know your information.
       You very likely have something important to share with others.
       Speak up!

Etiquette for posting historical information to this list

     * Do some background reading on the web pages, such as those on
       [52]history, the [53]FAQ, and the [54]Sinclair 2000 gathering.
     * Join a [55]clan organization so you will get a clan newsletter.
     * Be careful with copyrighted information.
     * Cite your sources.
     * Speak up! Your historical tidbit may be just as fascinating as
       anything about a famous historical personage.

   Don't be afraid to ask; we're all learning here.


   Do not send virus reports to this list. Most virus reports turn out to
   be hoaxes, so forwarding a virus report without examination is like
   shouting fire in a crowded theater. To find out which are real and
   which are hoaxes, myths, and urban legends, try these URLs. But do not
   send virus reports to this list.
   real viruses  [56]http://www.datafellows.com/virus-info/
      hoaxes     [57]http://www.datafellows.com/virus-info/hoax/
    more hoaxes  [58]http://ciac.llnl.gov/ciac/CIACHoaxes.html
       myths     [59]http://kumite.com/myths/index0.htm
   urban legends [60]http://www.urbanlegends.com/

  Related Web Pages

   Much related information may be found in
     * the [61]Clan Sinclair web pages, sinclair.quarterman.org/,
     * in [62]Paul Sinclair's history and genealogy pages,
     * in the [63]Clan Sinclair Trust web pages www.clansinclair.org/,
     * and in the [64]Clan Sinclair Association U.S.A. web pages,

   or through the many links they contain.

List Maintainer

   The list maintainer is [65]John Sinclair Quarterman (jsq). Please
   note, once again, that what gets discussed in the list is determined
   by the members of the list. I am not a moderator; I do not decide what
   gets posted or not. I merely set up and maintain the mechanics of the
   list. The content of the list is up to you, the subscribers.

>From the List to the Web Pages

   [66][Clan Sinclair] Messages posted to this list often find their way
   into the [67]Clan Sinclair web pages, sinclair.quarterman.org/. In
   fact, the great majority of the material in those web pages came from
   the list. The [68]web page maintainer asks permission before using
   material in the web pages, with the exception of brief anonymous
   excerpts for use in the [69]comments about the list and the
   [70]comments about the web pages.

   Last changed: $Date: 2001/12/10 15:39:16 $


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