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George St. Clair

Robert Temple's "The Crystal Sun" discusses the work of a George St
Clair, and Egyptologist in the  1890's.  an Egyptologist, and T is
very impressed with him.  He wrote at least a couple of books, one
being titled  "'Creation Myths Discovered in Egypt: Studies in the
'Book of the Dead," David Nutt, London, 1898.

At page 364, Temple says of him: "George St Clair must have been a
remarkable man, because he correctly intuited the significance and
meaning of many aspects of Egyptian mythology in a way in which no one
else really has.  He saw clearly the calendrical mania which afflicted
the Egyptians, and their passion to know every last detail about the
different years (lunar, solar, and others)..."

Does anyone know any thing else about this St. Clair?


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