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Prince Henry Statue

The old bait and switch.  I thought that the idea of history was to
establish who, what, where, why and how. 

What happened to the when?

Thank you for the protracted history, I would have thought that most interested people would have read the same books and be fully acquainted with the written history, travels, and achievements of Prince Henry. I will continue to refer to him as Prince Henry, because I have not found a reason not to, perhaps at this moment in time we are having a problem trying to identify exactly why, the "Zeno Narrative" written in the 16th century choose to refer to him as Prince, but because one person decides he can not accept it, we are all expected to ignore the issue.

I am a person who saves valuable email contributions that contain historical facts of interest to the Sinclair Clan, one of the many excellent researchers, is obviously, T.W.M. whom, I have the highest respect for as a dedicated, "leave no stone unturned man" I have 175 of Tim's emails, packed with facts, but I am now puzzled Tim!!! 
Why in almost all your emails, that refer to information concerning Henry St Clair did you refer to him as "Prince Henry", and now because someone has a doubt, you appear to have changed to "Earl Henry" why the volte face, do you know something we don't?, to be fair, I have to admit though Tim, you do refer to him as "Earl", in some of your earlier emails, pre the inquisition.
Enough of this, the reason I am writing, is to inform each and all, that the Prince Henry Statue, funded by Niven, which is being sited at Noss Head, is not being sited just to draw crowds, it is being sited there because, we are dedicating the walled garden to be named,  "The Prince Henry St Clair, Garden of Remembrance", to remember the excellent achievements of Prince Henry, who must have been a man of drive, passion, and determination, and from whom, most Sinclairs now take pride.

In much the same way, we have dedicated the library at Noss Head to, Niven Sinclair, because of his unstinting dedication to the Sinclair cause, a man who has influenced many hundreds of people in the chase for the answers, provided, and continues to provide many hundreds of valuable books and manuscripts for the use of all interested researchers, and because of Nivens charismatic energy, tact, and diplomacy, not only Sinclair's, but members of many other clans, now work in harmony with us, to promote the very essence of what we are all about, SCOTTISH HISTORICAL RESEARCH, there are many ways of researching, I personally prefer Nivens way, much more constructive, far less abrasive.

Happy New Year to all, may you have health, happiness and tolerance,

Yours Aye

Ian and the team at Noss Head