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Re: Prince Henry Statue

Dear Ian

Whatever you wish to call you contributed statue and garden is your own
affair.  What would be of interest is there any proof of Henry being a

To prove something in the negative is much harder that to prove something in
the positive. Historical events need to be one by one examined.

'Prince Henry'  we are attempting to do that now.
'Hasting' one Sinclair on the Battle Abbey rolls, where are the other 8 or
'Val-es-Dunes'  one Saint Clair name on the monument, on Duke William's side
at that.  How and why did the Sinclair's who fiefs and power lay to the east
and north join with the western lords of Normandie to battle the Duke?

Ian wrote "the very essence of what we are all about, SCOTTISH HISTORICAL
RESEARCH" Research, I hope that leds to facts not myths and truth of the

If I am a doubting fool I envy no one the certainty of self-approved wisdom.
The breakfast of champions is not cereal, it is the relentless pursuit of
the truth.


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