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Re: Prince Henry Statue

Well put, Ian. I was beginning to lose heart but Laurel's been keeping the
faith.  You are doing a tremendous job at Noss Head, and we hope that soon
many more will be able to appreciate your unstinting work and the ample
evidence of Niven's generosity of mind and spirit.

I hope you are managing to insulate sculptor Shaun from the privations of
the current Arctic snap in Caithness!

Yours aye

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Thank you for the protracted history, I would have thought that most
interested people would have read the same books and be fully acquainted
with the written history, travels, and achievements of Prince Henry. I will
continue to refer to him as Prince Henry, because I have not found a reason
not to, perhaps at this moment in time we are having a problem trying to
identify exactly why, the "Zeno Narrative" written in the 16th century

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