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Re: Knights Templar suppression

The hidden agenda of any writer is always to encourage to make teir own
research. However, research requires effort, discernment, application and
persistence. It is rarely productive if every new researcher is intent on
reinventing the wheel and going over the same old, tired and well-trodden
ground which has already been exhaustively investigated from every aspect by
other scholars approaching the subject from a variety of perspectives. I am
all in favour in questioning the conclusions of the past, but this
persistent instistence on reiterating discredited, incorrect or
'maufactured' mythology, discredits serious investigation, hinders or
completley obstructs the search for clarity and truth and, more frankly,
bores the pants off me. The attitude of the wishful thinkers who obviously
do little or nothing at all to verify their repeated statements, is neither
constructive, instructive nor interesting. Let them cite verifiable sources
in support of their viewpoints. Lets see some evidence. Otherwise they stand
condemned as proponents of the old Nazi dictum 'tell a big enough lie often
enough and the masses will believe it.

Let su have disssention among a variety of viewpoints and interpretations by
all means - that can be productive - IF IT IS BASED UPON SOME SORT OF

I have often used mythology and legend in the past as a signpost leading to
the discovery of evidence which has thrown a new light on a variety of
historical events. BHut that new light was based upon the evidence NOT the
legend or mythology.

Best wishes


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