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Re: Knights Templar suppression

    consider for a moment, please, other  suppressions that we do have in our
history.  The Highland Bagpipe was suppressed, banned as an instrument of war.
Wearing of the tartan was suppressed.  Speaking the Gaelic was suppressed. Other
examples are relevant but from these few I can conclude that suppression does
not equal  elimination.  All of these things are still present in this world
today in spite of suppression. It seems to me that it is a reasonable conclusion
that the Templars continued to exist, inspite of their suppression.  Did they
continue to exist as Templars?  Probably not, as to do so would invite death,
but I believe that the Order continued, in whatever fashion of glamour.
    The military unit in which I spent almost twenty years was disbanded in
1988. Officially, it no longer exists.  The lads and I still get together and
natter old times and old friends, tell old war stories and the like.  Even
though this unit has been "suppressed" by the American government, it still
exists in the hearts and minds of those of us that served in that unit. Other,
younger Marines and others interested in our history have come to us seeking
information about this unit and we have shared what we have with them. So, the
unit lives on in their minds and experiences, as well.  Is 341 SOG gone? Yes,
officially, but in reality it lives on.
    As human nature has not changed radically in many, many years, I think that
the Templars continued  in the same manner, not officially, but in reality.
Yours Aye,
Tim Wallace-Murphy wrote:

> Dear Jeff,
> I find it amusing, if a little irritating at times, to be accused by the
> academic historians of beeing too reliant on 'alternative sources',
> mythology and legend on the one hand, and being accused of being too
> pedantic, authoritative and 'academic by my firemnds on the Sinclair list on
> the other. I suspect that this dichotomy indicates that I have the balance
> about right.
> As to discrediting Earl Henry's story, what else can be the result when
> claims are made that:

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

There's nae man sae deif as he tha' winna hear.

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