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Re: Prince Henry Statue

Dear Ian,

WSuggest you re-read my earlier posting of a few days ago regarding the Zeno
Narrative and it being founded on documents, i.e. letters, written by
contemporaries of Henry. To avoid unecessary and unproductive controversy -
and God knows I've had about as much of that on this list lately as I can
stomach - I have recently referred to that great man as Earl purely and
simply because that title is unarguable. I am fed up to the back teeth with
people who either do not read the correspondence or who wilfully mis-read
it. For example, I recently wrote that I usemythology and legend as
signposts to find hard evidence. One of my critics then proposed that legend
is as valid as truth and cited the discovery of Troy in support of his
argument. Troy was found because the genius who discovered it treated
mythology and legend just as I do. Thats how he found the bloody place.

Fantasists rule OK? or has truth no place?

Best wishes


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