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Re: Prince Henry Statue


If my last post was confusing, I apologize. I am one of your supporters, not a
critic.  My reference to Troy was in precisely the same context as the one you
expressed in your last post.   Legend and myth are useful vehicles for forming
hypothesis which can be tested.  That is exactly what Schliemann did, and it is
what you and Sinclair have been proposing.   It is the right way to proceed.
We must distinguish between a working hypothesis and validated truth if we are
ever going to unravel the Sinclair origins.


Tim Wallace-Murphy wrote:

> One of my critics then proposed that legend
> is as valid as truth and cited the discovery of Troy in support of his
> argument. Troy was found because the genius who discovered it treated
> mythology and legend just as I do. Thats how he found the bloody place.
> Fantasists rule OK? or has truth no place?
> Best wishes
> Tim

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