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Diuten anyone?

Subj: Zeno Chart: Norwegian info needed.

I'm beginning to construct a website which will include the hidden geometry
in the Zeno Chart. This geometric "earth grid" system has three major and
complementary components, one of which covers the North Sea. This one has a
critical axis going into Norway and anchors in a place called "Diuten" on
the Zeno map. This is the only connection on the Continent for the whole
grid composite structure stretching into "Estotiland", thought to be eastern
Nova Scotia. Modern maps do not have any of these names (other than Bergen).

If anyone knows what the modern place name is for "Diuten" I'd really
appreciate knowing it. Or, how would "diuten" translate and in what


In the area of interest there are 7 towns down the coast or slightly inland,
from north to south: Tronde (possibly Tromso), Diuten, Stopel, Score is the
southern most island being shown and is opposite to Stopel and a place
called Brue. with Stat. just south of Brue. Then there is Stefoni. and next
is Bergen. The position of Diuten, according to the questionable lat/long
used by the chart is 69N 20E however this lat/long scale seems to be an
incorrect add-on not to be trusted at least in terms of our present system.
I don't use it.

The land areas have been warped around but the geometric forms are quite
precise. This suggests that the main orientation comes from the grids, not
exact geographic positioning. This is typical for a "mystery writing/chart"
that I've commented on earlier regarding both the Narrative and its Chart.
In this context "Diuten" may not be a town or temple but it might be
describing a state of consciousness related to the grid. Very roughly, it is
found in Norway north of Bergen and even with the Lofotens. It will be a
physical place but may not be a town even though it has the sign
(presumably) for a town/church next to it.

There are 4 major mountains in this area, just over the border in Sweden;
mountains are usually main energy poles and should not be overlooked. They
are, from north to south: Kistefjellet, Kebnekaise, Sarektjakka, and
Sulitelma. These 4 are in the general positions of Diuten, Stopel, Brue. and
Stat. (There are more mountains in a convenient line, both north and south
of these 4.) IF they correlate, ie the names with the mountains, then this
mountain chain would represent a very intense telluric line that translates
trans-Atlantic grail dynamics into the Continental land mass. The telluric
"dragon line" would probably extend south to Bergen and Oslo. The natural
telluric lines from the mountain crests would lead SE into the inner land
area. The many fiords would "reservoir" the intense field, this "field"
represented by a ley line from the far northern Mt. Haltia all the way south
to Mt. Hardangerjokulen between Bergen and Oslo. The access point would be
at "Diuten", whatever that is.

We can guess, from frequent cases of "forerunner" phenomena in Norway that
it is a general area of high psychic/spiritual activity. Bilocation, the
"forerunner" situations, reflect time-continuum anomalies. Anomalies or
"time glitches" indicate an intense and unstable temporal field. This is a
characteristic to be expected if there is a potent connection as described
above. (This phenomena has also been reported in northern Scotland but to a
lesser degree.) I think there is enough to this mountain-line theory that
close inspection by a qualified geomancer is warranted.

New subject re the Zeno Chart: a glyph is drawn in the chart's lower SE
corner. Its a divided circle with indistinct symbols in each side of the
dividing diameter. I assume that this is the mapmaker's personal mark but it
is likely to contain coded information. (The diameter appears to parallel
the axis I noted above that goes into Diuten.) My copy is smudged and faded
in this area; if anyone has a clear picture of it perhaps they'd scan it for

Niven: would you please forward this to the Zeno research people or let me
know if you have an address you think might help me?

Replies may be made directly to me. Thank you.

Bill Buehler

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