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Reading books & learning

>From Tim Wallace Murphy and others - Why must someone keep repeating the
myths, etc. about a subject that has been well covered by someone like
yourself, who has read every shred of material available.  May I suggest
that someone, such as myself, does not have the many years behind me
reading what you have already learned.  I am just now learning where to
find books and to read them on Templars, "Prince" Henry, and someone
else besides Lief Erikson, Erik the Red exploration and settlement of
the northern parts of North America and places like Greenland.  Maybe
you and Niven should set up a series of seminars in the summer in
Scotland (Nosshead, maybe) for those of us who would gladly 'sit at your
feet' to learn which is fact and which is fiction. Maybe a published
list of materials still available on both side of the oceans (Atlantic
and Pacific) so that the attendees at these seminars would be a little
more ready to absorb what you and Niven have to say!  I am sincere in
this. I wold like to learn!!
regards, Sally

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