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Re: Trees and Princes

Of course the book is better.  Is this a  bait and switch also??

Let's keep the discussion to the statue and not expand it to imagined
possible problems.
Henry was viewed by the Zenos, very credible observers of numberous nobles,
Princes, etc., of their day, as a person to rank very high in their
estimation.  They were not country bumpkins and were able to compare him
most favorably against the standard of that day.

I was trying to bring a practical side to the discussion.  We can nit pick
this title thing for weeks.  We're good at that.  Bait and switch infers
that an inferiour product has been substituted for the advertised one.  I
don't think that is true in this case.  Henry was a superior person to many
men who later would be born to that title.  It is up to us to educate people
to this difference.  To help people view history from that place and time
not from our period when titles had different meanings.  Then they will feel
like they have truly learned something new and unexpected, not just seen
another statue of another Prince.

> P.T. Barnum, The self-proclaimed prince of humbug, would have been proud.
> The old bait and switch.  I thought that the idea of history was to
> establish who, what, where, why and how.
> Next we can make the hereditary Bannerman of Scotland an American Indian.
> Then we can get a modern day person to invest in land around Guysborough
> promote the area hoping that land value will rise.   We can then take a
> mysterious and beautiful ancient chapel, establish a Trust and use that
> trust in a way that forces one of the moving figures to resign.
> Sinclair

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