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Re: Trees and Princes

Very Clever analogy.

    It pains me to call him a Prince also since in today's understanding,
most people assume that he is a son of a king and would be uselessly
scanning their Monarch's charts for this person.  As my daughter said
though, "Who is going to go see a statue of a jarl--(most people
thinking...whatever that is)?  But a statue of a Prince has much more status
and drawing power."

Hopefully in the site information there will be an explanation of his true
title carrying extra power and authority that many sons of kings could not
wield or were not trusted with by their fathers.

Iain's message: "In some areas (especially in Brittany), the title of prince
traditionally attached to a feudal land which had been considered allodial,
i.e., without overlord. In France, almost all lands were feudal, that is,
held from some superior, ultimately back to the king, etc......"

Sheds some light upon the medieval usage of the word which would make
calling him a prince legitimate in that day.  The problem lies in the common
understanding of a Prince as a son of a King today.  There is merit I think
in either claim.

Even though " the narrative was written by Nicolo Zeno's descendents 200
years after Henry's death" that doesn't prove that the definition of prince
had changed in that time.  Henry had a possible claim (although distant) in
the Norwegian succession through his mother's line.   I'm trying to recall
the document he signed concerning the succession of the throne.  His name I
believe was second or third which indicates how much status he certainly
possessed at the court.

But the goal is to get people to Nosshead to learn about him (whom we call a
prince).  If at that point it can be clearly explained that his title in
that day was certainly Jarl with power given from the Norwegian King, etc.,
our goal to publicize his achievements will be more successful.

   I wasn't able to access the website that I assume has a picture of the
European Mt. Ash (Rowan).   I wonder how it differs from the American in
    We go tomorrow to see the Lord of the Rings.  I'm getting excited about
it.  Anyone else seen it yet?


> If you call the exceptional man who was Henry premier Jarl of Norway a
> Prince it does not make him a Prince. What ever you do not call your new
> tree a bin Laden it will die quickly.

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