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Re: Princes

Earl Henry was referred to as 'Prince' in the Zeno Narrative which, although
published much later, was based upon letters written at the time of Henry's

Furthermore the Zeno family, whih has produced one Doge of Venice s well a
cardinal, had no need to curry favour with anyone, much less impress others
by inflating the importance of their associates or allies. The Zenos were
well established, weathy far beyond the dreams of Earl Henry and among the
selcet few who were the true rulers of Venice. The Zeno letters are
undoubtedly authentic and I would take their estimation of the importance of
Henry St Clair, first St Clair Jarl of Orkney, at more or less face value.

Undoubtedly by English standards, for whatever they may be worth, Henry was
no Prince. Nor was he a 'gentleman' by eglish definition. According to Dr
Johnson's firts Egnlish dictioanry a gentleman was defined as a male member
of the English race with a capital of more than two hundred pounds - which
certainly ruled out Henry St Clair, as he was not English, as firmly as
rules me out as I am neither English nor do I have capital of over two
hundred pounds.

Best wishes


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