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Trees and Princes

Dear friend Laurel and others. As a young teen I lived in Michigan for a few 
years. On one particular farm I worked for an elderly couple who had Mountain 
Ash trees planted around the main house and barn. I had always been intrigued 
by these trees. They were so very different than the surrounding pine, apple, 
and peach trees. I had no knowledge of my Scottish heritage at the time. I 
can picture these trees as if it were yesterday. It has been almost thirty 
years ago. I had no idea it was a cousin to the Rowan tree. I have planted 
trees in my own yard that have appeal all season, either for foliage or bark. 
I have one spot on the hill near the garden for one more tree. I promise a 
Mountain Ash will be there in the spring. Should I name it Laurel or Prince? 
Or, considering the timeline of all things, should it be Jarl? 

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis