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Rowan Tree(s) - (was Diversity and discernment)

At 10:12 AM 28/12/01 +0100, Sinclair wrote (clipped a bit):
>The Rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia)  and the American mountain ash ( Sorbus
>americana) are two different subspecies of the Sorbus. They are not the same

- and at 06:48 PM 28/12/01 +0100, he added (pruned somewhat):
>The Natural Distribution is Commonest West and North of Britain but native
>throughout Britain and Ireland. Also Europe, North  Africa and Asia Minor.
>see British-Trees.com

Hmmm......  Now I don't wish to start a Sinclair spat here, but on that
very site, the name of the photograph of the Rowan tree ("Sorbus
Aucuparia") which is headed on the page as "Young Rowan with berries"
is...... "mountash.jpg".

Someone better tell `em!


Ian Newman
in Oz - is there a local variety of Sorbus Aucuparia down under?
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