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Re: Trees and Princes

If you call the tail of a lamb a leg how many legs does a lamb have?  It
still has four calling a tail a leg does not make it one.  If you call a
Rowan tree a European Mountain Ash you are correct.  If you call an American
Mountain Ash a Rowan you are incorrect.  Many Rowan trees were imported into
America. The western Mountain Ash is native. It is not a Rowan.  see
SPECIES: Sorbus sitchensis

Sitka mountain-ash is distributed from Alaska south along the Pacific Coast
and through the Cascade Range to northern California and east to northern
Idaho and northwestern Montana  http://fr.fed.us/database or
http://,www.mnpower.com for the European variety 'The Rowan Tree'

In Australia the wet eucalypt forests of southern Tasmania are dominated by
Eucalyptus regnans, called the Swamp Gum - or Mountain Ash when on mainland
Australia.  We have three Eucalyptus here in France.  They are imported.

If you call the exceptional man who was Henry premier Jarl of Norway a
Prince it does not make him a Prince. What ever you do not call your new
tree a bin Laden it will die quickly.

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