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Re: Prince from Latin "princeps" from www.heraldica.org

Thank you having read the reference supplied I find  no reference to Norway
or Scotland.  Is the implication that we should refer to Henry in the
French, German or Roman way?  Perhaps it is only Zeno and other Italians who
used the title in their narrative where they refer to the mysterious Prince
of the north. The Narrative was written by Nicolo Zeno's descendents 200
years after Henry's death   Where they blowing their family horn by claiming
to be associated with a Prince?

Henry Sinclair had power and prestige in Scotland  and Norway.

Henry  in 1358, was proclaimed the Lord of Rosslyn.

Henry's first marriage was to the granddaughter of the King of Norway and

In 1369, Henry was named the Jarl of Orkney and Lord of Shetland by Hakon VI
King of Norway.

He was a vassal of both Scotland and Norway He started his own fleet to
travel back and forth between Norway, The Orkneys and Scotland. Henry's
fleet was larger than the official fleet of Norway.  Henry was named Admiral
of the High Seas for Scotland. Henry received other titles during his life,
including Duke of Oldenburg in Denmark, and Lord Chief Justice of Scotland.
Prince is not recorded until 200 years later.

The first Earl of Rosslyn was : Alexander  Wedderburn   1733 - 1805  created
as a hereditary Peer by George III 21/04/1801.  The Baronet was created by
Charles II 30/04/1666 it was a Nova Scotia: Baronetcies of Scotland created
originally to fund the settlement of Nova Scotia.

The term Jarl is not equivalent to Prince.  It is not French, Scots or

So where is the Prince?


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