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Re: Trees and Princes

Laurel wrote "Who is going to go see a statue of a jarl--(most people
thinking...whatever that is)?  But a statue of a Prince has much more status
and drawing power.....But the goal is to get people to Nosshead to learn
about him (whom we call a > prince).  If at that point it can be clearly
explained that his title in  that day was certainly Jarl with power given
from the Norwegian King, etc., our goal to publicize his achievements will
be more successful."

P.T. Barnum, The self-proclaimed prince of humbug, would have been proud.
The old bait and switch.  I thought that the idea of history was to
establish who, what, where, why and how.

Next we can make the hereditary Bannerman of Scotland an American Indian.
Then we can get a modern day person to invest in land around Guysborough and
promote the area hoping that land value will rise.   We can then take a
mysterious and beautiful ancient chapel, establish a Trust and use that
trust in a way that forces one of the moving figures to resign.

Iain's message: "In some areas (especially in Brittany), the title of prince
> was
> traditionally attached to a feudal land which had been considered
> i.e., without overlord.

Great for France!

 We go tomorrow to see the Lord of the Rings.  I'm getting excited about
> it.  Anyone else seen it yet?

Saw it yesterday in Evereux but it was called "Le Seigneur des Anneaux"  the
book is better.


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