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Re: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité pour tous

Dear Ian -
You write that I seem to think Sinclair is French but it is not so.

It does not, however, take much of a Sherlock Homes to detect that he is of 
the French culture.  His e-mails emanate from France.  From the way he 
translates or mistranslates terms from French to English I would be willing 
to bet his first language is French rather than English.  His submissions 
reflect the Weltanschauung and hangups of the French culture. Perhaps 
technically he is not French.  Perhaps he is Walloon (French-speaking 
Belgian) or suisse romand (French-speaking Swiss).  It would be a long-shot 
for him to be an French Canadian expatriate.  But it does not matter. He is 
of the French culture.  Just as you in Australia are of the English-speaking 
world and reflect its outlook and hangups. 

As to who "us" is, "Us" is us of the English-speaking world.

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