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Re: LibertÚ, EgalitÚ, FraternitÚ pour tous

I am a native born Briton educated in Scotland and the United States.My
first language is English, French my third. A Walloon is not French-speaking
Belgian. A Walloon speaks Walloon, the language is a member of the romance
languages family and of the gallo-roman or "o´l" subgroup.

The 1st Duke of Wellington, when he was Prime Minster was told that he was
an Irishman being born in Ireland remarked "If I was born in a stable would
that make me a horse."  Living in France does not make me a Frenchman.

Sherlock flunked  this course!

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> Dear Ian -Walloon (French-speaking
> Belgian)
> You write that I seem to think Sinclair is French but it is not so.
> It does not, however, take much of a Sherlock Homes to detect that he is

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