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Re: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité pour tous

> It does not, however, take much of a Sherlock Homes to detect that he is
> the French culture.  His e-mails emanate from France.  From the way he
> translates or mistranslates terms from French to English I would be
> to bet his first language is French rather than English.

Dear Jean,

I can't help but reply to you. I know I shouldn't because it is a silly
topic to be discussing on the Sinclair list, though we often do get into
Sinclair's personal life a bit on here. My husband seems to intrigue you
somewhat. Thought I'd put you out of your misery and give a summary of my
husband as I know him, and I do know him well, extremely well.

He is defiantly British. In fact he is so British that he often has more
than his upper lip stiffened. His passport says he is British and he did
school in a Scotland boarding school, followed by a well known little
American university. But as I write this I do know what you mean when you
try to sum his ethnic influences. I personally think he argues and fights
like a Scot, Makes love like a Frenchman, Conducts his business like an
Englishman, then sends all his money to Switzerland, cries like an Italian,
rages like a Spaniard and parties like a West Indian. But his appearance is
that of a little green leprechaun, the type that can be found in Ireland.
This makes me think that he is definitely hiding something. He speaks 9 and
a half languages. The Australian language is his most difficult.

I am an Australian living in France, but for me, as I'm sure for my husband,
France stops at our farms gates. We love the farm we live on, love the
history that surrounds us and the French food, but we are not French. Summed
up, Sinclair is merely just a well educated, highly intelligent,
international business man with a lot to say.

Hope this helps


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