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Re: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité pour tous

Dear Friends,

I have read, with some amusement, the recent speculation on the ethnic and
cultural origins of one of our more prolific correspondents. Having insiude
knowledge, I choose to keep silent on this and simply watch and listen as
matters become even more surreal. However, in my own regard, while English
is now my principal language and I am therefore of the 'English-speaking
world' I am not English in either my racial origin, cultural background or
political inclination. Furthermore, much though I respect our correspondents
from across the Atlantic or those in the Antipodes, I do not think 'us' is
either accurate or appropriate in my case at least.

Best wishes

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> Dear Ian -
> You write that I seem to think Sinclair is French but it is not so.
> It does not, however, take much of a Sherlock Homes to detect that he is

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