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Re: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité pour tous

Sinclair -

You say Congress alone has the power to declare war.  But the U.S. 
Constitution is a living, growing instrument.  Throughout our two hundred 
year history the Commander in Chief, the President, has undertaken military 
actions without the consent of Congress.  Washington and Adams were in a 
great undeclared naval war with France.  Thomas Jefferson sent the navy to 
fight as the Marine hymn says on the shores of Tripoli against the pirates.  
There was never a declaration of war in any of the Indian wars, such as when 
Custer was wiped out.  Lincoln did not declare war against the South, 
Congress was not in session when the southern secession started, and he did 
not bother to call it into session.  He just got on with it, and the Republic 
did not fall, it was saved.!  There was no declaration of war for Korea.  It 
was always called a police action.

You speak of remaining silent if the U.S Constitution is being violated.  
That is a question for American citizens, not foreigners, to address.

To me the statement of Lous XIV "surrounding himself" implied he did not 
usually have nobles around  when  they were around all day.

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