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Re: Sinclair babes shipped as slaves


> If a man is standing in the middle of the forest speaking to himself and
> there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?



> Was this the strength that created the lost Aboriginal generation? Was it
> Viking blood that took children from their mothers to place on missions.
> that that historical event is finished is it Viking blood that tries to
> pacify the Aboriginal by treating them differently from other Australians?

This is a touchy subject of much debate and worry even today for most
Australians who are trying to still come to terms with and live peacefully
as one nation. My first point on this subject would have to be that the
problems started back when British settlement threatened the tribal people
of Australia, much the same as early problems with Native Americans and
white settlements in Africa. The colonies were left with the problems to
sort out after British troops went home. There are two sides to every story.
I myself was schooled in western NSW (The outback) and was treated brutally
by the 60 percent Aboriginal population at the school. The racism I faced
every day at school stemmed from years of  hatred passed down through the
families of Aborigines who suffered the brunt of government policies and
schemes. As late as the 1940's the Australian Government was still actively
starting new missions and Aboriginal stations in western NSW where they
placed stolen children with the hope of breeding the white into them in the
hope of killing out the race.  A Sinclair psychologist was the head man for
one such station between 1936 and 1939. Many of these Aboriginal families
are still alive today and still hate the white man just as deeply as they
did back when their families were ripped apart. I personally know both sides
to the stories because my grandfather Arthur Sinclair was the psychologist
and my sisters mother law was one of the stolen children. We could go on
blaming on both sides, but for what? What would this achieve? What has it
achieved? Nothing. This generation of indigenous people who have risen above
it all and gotten themselves educated are now telling their stories. And
this is why my generation are more educated to the mistakes of our
grandfathers. But may I add that I personally did not commit any crime and I
will not be made pay for the crimes of my ancestors. It is time to stop
blaming and asking for hand outs. Both sides have to come together and stand
as Australian's.

 Australia is made up of nearly every nation of the world. Australia is all
of you.

> all men are equal.
Not you baby


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