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Re: Sinclair babes shipped as slaves

If a man is standing in the middle of the forest speaking to himself and
there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?

Child and youth migration was always a small but key component of
immigration to Australia - vital because it was seen, among other
considerations, as preserving the British identity of the Australian
community. Juvenile immigration was a minority component  within a larger

When transportation of convicts to the Australian colonies ended, the
colonies had to attract free settlers. The Australian colonies had to
compete for migrants despite the tide of emigration from  the British Isles
and Western Europe during the nineteenth century. North  America was closer
for intending emigrants; the United States a rich and  flourishing republic,
while Canada preserved strong British links.

The Australian colonies required the incentive of free passages and land
grants. There were so many potential immigrants with insufficient income to
support themselves and their families, much less afford the passage. We gave
you a few criminals you demanded our entire population.

With  internal self-government in the 1850s, each colony  administered its
own immigration policies, and while Federation in 1901 gave  the
Commonwealth responsibility, each state  guarded its  de facto
immigrants admission for years..

The Australian Government commenced an advertising campaign in Britain to

The Dreadnought Scheme  in 1911 was to bring young British teenagers to New
South Wales to  work on the land. Kingsley Fairbridge established his first
farm school in Western Australia in 1913.    The 'white Australia' policy
was in force. The immigrants accepted  were all of European origin,
predominately  from the British Isles.  Australia   passed The Immigration
Restriction Act 1901 and the Pacific Islands Labourers Act  in 1901.  These
Acts   prohibited non-white immigration to Australia for more than 60 years.
The Contract Immigrants Act was passed in 1905. The encouragement of
immigration was selective and based on a firmly established racial

Was this the strength that created the lost Aboriginal generation? Was it
Viking blood that took children from their mothers to place on missions. Now
that that historical event is finished is it Viking blood that tries to
pacify the Aboriginal by treating them differently from other Australians?

There are no lower classes all men are equal.


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