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Re: Sinclair babes shipped as slaves


I did not write the article as an Australian attacking the British (Although
I should) so why have you as a "British subject" turned a story of horror
committed by the Good old British into the fault of the Australian people.
The Canadian's and the like had just as appalling stories to be told as we
did. And at no such time would I want to be making excuses for my country,
when this is clearly about children, many whom were not orphaned and were
ripped from their families because of a nations greed for power and a wish
to fill his empires with this own kind.

Take a look at this

"The British Child Care organizations professed a dominant motive of
providing these children with a better life than they would have had in
Britain, but they had other ignoble and pecuniary motives.  They rid
themselves of an unwanted segment of their society and profited when they
sold these children to Canadian farmers.  Siblings in care were separated
from their families and each other.  Siblings were separated from each other
upon their arrival in Canada.  Most never saw each other again.  Other
siblings were separated when they were sent to Canada, Australia, and New
Zealand.  Many spent their lives trying to identify their parents and find
their siblings.  Most were unsuccessful.  An unknown number of children ran
away from their indentured labour and were swallowed up by the vastness of
the United States.  Millions of Americans may be descended from British Home

The reason why Britain had so many orphans was because they had already sent
the poor little blighters parents to the colonies as bloody convicts.

> Now I have to find a place to sleep tonight.

And find your own dinner


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