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Re: Clan Sinclair Database **IS PRIVATE** and **IS ONE-WAY**

Dear Jack and all,

I don't think you red it all...... I also said....

"As long as there's not millions of requests for lookups both I and
Margaret will help you to connect your line to others in the database."

"what we tell people is limited to what's needed in order to connect

So as you can see we do help a lot of people connect their line. I would
also like to tell you that I, in the case where I can't find a match in
the data base, usually help with further research into Scottish Parish
Records and other records. And this I do totally free of any charge.

Your definition of PRIVATE does not fit mine..... but okay it is purely
open to the Clan so one might say it is a private Clan Database open
just to people within the Clan. And I think that's what people expect
when contributing.


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