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Re: Clan Sinclair Database.

Hi Jack and all list members,

what Jack says is not entirely true. The data base is NOT a private one
but the Clan Sinclairs database. And it is NOT a one-way database when
it comes to ones own line. But we do not give away the result of
someone's research to just anyone and we do not give away information on
now living individuals (in such cases we do refer to the submitter). I
recommend you to take a look at this page
http://sinclair.quarterman.org/database.html in order to find out more
about the database. But in answer to Jacks mail I would like to quote
some of the info given on the page, here on the list.......

"As long as there's not millions of requests for lookups both I and
Margaret will help you to connect your line to others in the database.
With regards to information on living persons we will maintain a policy
of complete privacy and direct questions to the submitter of the
original source. 

The ethic that rules the use of the database will assure you that (if
nothing else is agreed upon); 

privacy of information on living persons are and will be respected, 
what we tell people is limited to what's needed in order to connect
lines, questions of more detailed nature will be directed to the
we will provide a web interface to do surname lookups but the result
will only show that the surname exists in the database and from what
The submitter may give their consensus to us to give away submitted
information in case they find it more convenient letting us answer any
question on their behalf."

I hope this will still what ever fear you might have contributing to the
Sinclair Global Database.

All the best


Jack Brown wrote:
> Dear List Members...
> I do not recommend that you submit you information to this private database.
> This is a one-way database.  See the following response to my attempt to
> obtain information connected to my line after submitting my gedcom file over 2 years ago.
> You will never be allowed to see any of the other submitters information.
> Unless that is, you are to become a "special researcher" and live for  another 50 to 100 years.
> Sincerely,  Jack Brown.

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