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Re: Clan Sinclair Database.

Dear Ward:
Just a quick word to you on how impressive your emails have been over the
last few months and this last one is a case in point.
Not wishing ill to anyone  ... but when a phenomenon occurs,  sometimes as
simple as someone saying "good morning"  there are some who will say "Fine
thank-you" and someone else will say "What the hell does he want!"
Lena is a fine person and totally legit. but who am I to say such things
except that I have met her and consider her a friend.
There may be an explanation (see Ward Ginn) for not having all information
that you want available, NOW!  and the expalantion may be innocent.  (Might
not be too!) but my error, if it be one, is to cut an inch of slack and not
assume the worst until I know it to be the worst.
Sorry to be preachy but I am off the pulpit now.
Well said Ward Ginn!

Rory in Toronto.

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