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Re: Clan Sinclair Database.


First of all what is a GEDCOM and why is it kept so secret? Being new to
the list, I would appreciate your input. And Lena, why is this an issue
with Jack?

I gather Jack that you are located in either B.C. or Alberta, Canada by
your e-mail address. Where might that be?

Now I am not so sure I want to submit anything to this list.

Should I be concerned? There would appear to be some 135 other members
of the list. Any others wish to give me some insight?

Donald Sinclair

Jack Brown wrote:
> Dear List Members...
> I do not recommend that you submit you information to this private database.
> This is a one-way database.  See the following response to my attempt to
> obtain information connected to my line after submitting my gedcom file over 2 years ago.
> You will never be allowed to see any of the other submitters information.
> Unless that is, you are to become a "special researcher" and live for  another 50 to 100 years.
> Sincerely,  Jack Brown.
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