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Re: Clan Sinclair Database **IS PRIVATE** and **IS ONE-WAY**

Lena A Löfström wrote:

> Hi Jack and all list members,
> what Jack says is not entirely true. The data base is NOT a private one
> but the Clan Sinclairs database. And it is NOT a one-way database when
> it comes to ones own line.

Dear List and Lena,

The Clan Sinclair Database can only be accessed by three people, "Lena, Margaret Stokes in Australia and of
course our Clan Archivist Ian Sinclair at Noss Head. In the future (50 - 100 years from now) it might be
opened to special researchers." [direct quote from Lena ]

This fits my dictionary definition of **PRIVATE**, how about yours?

As for being a "ONE-WAY database"  Lena says..

[We] "will only show that the surname exists in the database and from what region."

This looks to be pretty **ONE-WAY**  to me.

It is really not of much use to be told only if a *SURNAME* exists and
from what region. That limited kind of information is readily available through the IGI and
several other sources already.


Jack Brown


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