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Re: Clan Sinclair Database.

Dear Richard,

Richard Huseth wrote:

> In August I asked Lena  if there was anything in the Clan Sinclair database
> on John Sinclair who married Margaret McKintosh on 23 October 1681 in Dyke,
> Moray, Scotland.  Lena answered "sorry to say I did not find anything on
> that particular line within the database."
> If the database had been accessible to me, I probably would have browsed
> around a little to determine if there was another John Sinclair who married
> another Margaret in that timeframe.  Since I am only guessing at the names
> of this couple, I would have searched for the names of the children whose
> parents I am seeking.

Well, I did all that and more..... and if you had given me some more
information, the name of the children for example, it would have made
the search much more adequate. Please give me what information you have
and I will give it an other try.

> Are there other reasons for restricting access?

Yes there are. Many researchers does not take lightly to others just
copying their hard work. That's one of the reasons why the access is
restricted and why we just give away information on a persons
particularly line. 

However I can also see your point of view and there is no reason why we
can't have yet an other database. One that is open to us all. But in
order to do so we need the submitter approval to do so. That might be a
little bit difficult when it comes to past submitter but from now on we
can ask anyone who submits data to say either yes or no to participate
in the open database. So when submitting, please let me know if you want
to be part of the free or the limited (or both) data base.

I will update the genealogy page with this information.


> Richard Huseth

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