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Re: Clan Sinclair Database

OK, Lena (and anyone else), here is my quest.  Several descendants of 
William Sinkler (abt 1686-abt 24 May 1757) and I would be very grateful if 
the Clan Sinclair Database contained some clues regarding the parents of 
this William Sinkler (a.k.a. Sinclair).  Lynn Sinclair, Kay Garrison and I 
have written notes to this mailing list in the recent past concerning this 
mystery.  Lynn has published her theory of William's arrival in America on 
her web page at:

There are a couple of sources which claim that William Sinkler was 
kidnapped as a young child in Scotland and brought to America.  This is 
complicated by the frequent use of the name William Sinclair and stories of 
other Sinclair children who were "stolen" and brought to America.

William Sinkler, a Quaker, married Phoebe Gleave on 10 Mar 1708/09 in 
Chester county, Pennsylvania.  It is believed that they had children:

         Esther (married John McNabb)
         John (married Hannah Lewis)
         Margaret (married Evan Wilkinson)
         Phebe (married Joshua Swain)
         George (married Ann Grubb, d. 14 Mar 1760)
         William (married Mary Grandy)
         James (1736-1813, sometimes referred to as "Quaker James", married 
Mary                 Patterson at the Bradford MM, Chester, PA)

My wife descends from James Sinclair.  Based on the naming conventions used 
in James' family (which match the typical naming patterns of Scottish 
families in those days) and the names/order of William's children, I 
speculate that William Sinkler's parents were named John and Margaret 
Sinclair.  Lynn's research suggests that William Sinkler had an older 
sister named Margaret (abt 1684-?) who married Joseph Brown.  She 
speculates that the "William Sunkley" and the "Margaret Finley of Sinkler," 
who appeared as indentured servants before a Chester county court in 1697, 
were brother William and sister Margaret Sinkler/Sinclair.

Guessing that William's parents (John and Margaret?) were married about 
1680, I looked in the IGI database for a John Sinclair who married a 
Margaret about 1680, plus or minus a few of years.  I got one hit:  a John 
Sinclair married Margaret McKintosh on 23 October 1681 in Dyke, Moray, 

I searched the IGI for the children of John and Margaret McKintosh Sinclair 
(William and Margaret?) with no luck.  I ordered the parish records on 
microfilm from the LDS FHC, but must have been busy and missed their 
temporary arrival at the local library.  I will have to try again.  Lena 
reported that they were not in the Clan Sinclair Database.

So that is why I am interested in John Sinclair and Margaret McKintosh who 
married on 23 Oct 1681 in Dyke, Moray, Scotland.  Did they have children 
named Margaret and William born about 1684 and 1686?  If not, are there any 
Sinclairs, known to anyone out there, who might be the parents of this 
William Sinkler/Sinclair (b. 1680-1686) and/or this Margaret Sinclair (b. 
abt 1684)?

Thanks for any help,

Richard Huseth

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