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Re: RE:More Questions than Answers

Great Britain or France subscribed to The Universal Declaration of Human
Rights, both countries are bound by it's terms. The terms as to the rights
of an accused are explicit.

In Europe we do not have the death penalty and will not extradite anyone to
a country seeking the Death Penalty.

Richard asked "Does anyone have the final total on how many US and foreign
citizens had their unalienable rights ripped from their lives in the twin
tower atrocity?"

I do not know the total, even if it were only one,  it would be fearsome.
One atrocity does not however justify another.

The problem is how do we deal with the 100,000,000 fanatical people who hate
our civilisation?  What do we do with a captured and, if convicted,
imprisoned bin Laden or one of his followers?

I suppose that he would face trial at the International Court of Justice in
the Hague.  The state requesting his trial would be responsible for his
imprisonment.  If in Britain it would be under Rule 47 which forbids all
contact both within and outside the Prison.  In France under 'la sÚcuritÚ
maximal which basically applies the same rules on the convicted person.

How do we demand  'a pound of flesh, but not one drop of blood'? How do we
end the cycle of hate?  How do we end demands for his or their release by
fanatic supporters hijacking planes and committing further atrocities and
trying to hold us to ransom?

This is not a movie. The perpetrators do not get to escape in the final
reel. The guilty must be hunted and punished within the terms of the Law, to
the maximun terms of the Law.

We must portray our Nations as ones governed by the Rule of Law.  The Law
must be the same for every man. The Law must apply even to  vile, despicable
criminals. We must represent our Law without prejudice or passion. We must
find a way to win the battle and not lose the war.


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