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Re: No more

Dear Richard,

I thought that Tim was saying is we must make informed decisions.  Nuremberg
and Mai Lai taught us that it is our responsibility to think of the results
of our actions. Admiration for what America has become and is glows from
this side of the Atlantic. I do not see anything personal in Tim's remarks.

Please America do not lose yourself fighting a just war. Do not win the war
and lose the peace.

History gives knowledge. It  lets us to live intelligently. Historical
overview provides the essential information needed to understand the present
and grasp the possibilities for the future.  We have in history  what's
needed to connect times and cultures meaningfully and obtain the knowledge
for a better world.

Jacques Barzun  Teacher in America. "How then do you pour a little bit of
what you feel and think and know into another's mind? In the act of
teaching, it is done by raising the ghost of an object, idea, or fact, and
holding it in full view of the class, turning it this way and that,
describing it - demonstrating it like a new car or a vacuum cleaner."
Jacques Barzun  Teacher in America

At its zenith, the British Empire was the largest formal empire that the
world has ever known. British power and influence stretched all over the
globe; shaping it in all manner of ways.  We had  triumphs,  humiliations,
and inflicted good and bad on the world. In the end our arrogant attitude
reduced us to a country that could not even win against  a third rate South
American Republic without American help.

Prayer taken from Pentagon Memorial Service, 11 October 2001

"Ever,faithful God, in death we are reminded of
the precious birthrights of life and liberty You
endowed in Your American people .You have
shown once again that these gifts must
taken for granted

We pledge to those whom You have called home
and ask of You -
Patience, to measure our lust for action
Resolve, to strengthen our obligation to lead
Wisdom, to illuminate our pursuit of justice, and
Strength, in defense of liberty
We seek Your special blessing today for those who
stand as sword and shield, protecting the many
from the tyranny of the few. Our enduring prayer
is that You shall always guide our labors and that
our battles shall always be just
We pray this day, Heavenly Father, the prayer
our nation learned at another time of righteous
struggle and noble cause-America's enduring
prayer: Not that God will be on our side,
but always, O Lord, that America will be
On Your side. Amen"
Prayer offered to the Cabinet
 by  Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense
14 September  2001


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